SHELLEY SOUTHGATE October 9th, 2019 Treasured memories of our dear Shelley. We miss your happy chat, bright eyes, and cheeky smile that brightened all our lives. Thanks for all the laughs and fun times that we shared with you. Always in our hearts and thoughts. Sadly missed and remembered with love all the days of our lives. Love always, Dad (Andy), Mum (Gloria deceased), Darren, Lloyd, Heather, Howard, Stuart, Melinda, Shaun, Barbara, Maureen, Cherie, Barry, Lou, Little Cherie, Wayne, Tony (deceased), Robert, Gary, Paul and Linda. Sylvia, Nicky, Aneliese, Lisa, Linda, Sammy, George, Viv, Wynne (deceased), Bryan(deceased), Terry(deceased), Mel(deceased). The Grandchildren, all the family, many dear friends and hairdressing customers x x x x.

Published: Oct 8, 2021


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Oct 8, 2021