Storage solutions for every room of the home

Aldiss storage jars

Storage jars on shelves are a great way to display dry food and kitchen goods while keeping them within easy reach - Credit: Aldiss

Storage solutions are the unsung hero of the home, helping us to keep our living spaces tidy, well-ordered and relaxing.  

To help you get your house ship-shape and streamlined, Victoria Jackson and Tina Barkway from Aldiss share with us some simple storage solutions for every room.

Clever kitchen storage  

If your kitchen cupboards are full to the brim and it’s a struggle to find what you need, freestanding organisers are the space-giving saviour you’ve been waiting for. Rather than going through the hassle of having custom shelving installed, these handy units simply slot into your cabinets to help you clear the clutter. 

“The Joseph Joseph storage solutions are a great way to organise spices, cans, condiments and other kitchen supplies to make the most of your cabinet space,” says Tina. “The two-tier extendable shelf and rotating organiser will help you keep track of the small items that otherwise would get lost at the back of the cupboard.” 

Tina also suggests displaying kitchen goods and cooking ingredients in attractive containers, jars or baskets on shelves and worktops. “This can be great for storing dry food like pasta, rice and flour as well as utensils that you need to reach easily – and you can add labels if you want to be even more organised," she says.  

Living room footstools 

The living room is another hard-working area of the home where well-planned storage is key to achieving a practical and attractive space. If built-in cabinetry or bespoke shelving systems aren’t an option, don’t fret – there are plenty of alternative ways to keep everything tidy without taking up too much space.  

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“Footstool ottomans are the perfect choice for living rooms,” says Victoria, “as not only are they functional but they can be a stylish piece of furniture too.  

“The Fabio ottoman makes a great feature, with Scandinavian influences and eye-catching textured chenille plains mixed with geometric patterns and bold velvet accents. It’s a real storage show-stopper!” 

Dining room drink cabinets

the Ercol Ballata drinks cabinet from Aldiss

The Ercol Ballata drinks cabinet is perfect for storing all of your bar accessories, bottles and glassware - Credit: Aldiss

If you regularly have dinner parties or host family for special occasions and holidays, having somewhere to store your dinnerware and glassware is essential. From sideboards to display cabinets, there are plenty of options when it comes to dining room storage.  

For something that’s going to make an impact when entertaining guests, the Ercol Ballata drinks cabinet is perfect for storing all of your bar accessories, bottles and glassware. 

“Not only will the Ercol cabinet elevate the look of your dining room, but it also has lots of useful drawers and shelving,” says Victoria. “The top section has a mirror with lights and an adjustable glass shelf to display your drinking glasses, and there’s also a pull-out wooden shelf to use as a bar and a built-in wine rack.” 

Ottoman bed frames 

Ottoman bed from Aldiss

Ottoman beds are a clever way to maximise the space you have available in your bedroom - Credit: Aldiss

If you’re not lucky enough to have walk-in wardrobes or generous cupboards, why not turn your attention to the area under the bed? Ottoman beds are a clever way to maximise the space you have available and can be ideal for storing spare pillows, bedding and out-of-season clothing that you don’t want on show.  

The Cairo ottoman bed from Aldiss

The Cairo ottoman bed features a hidden compartment, ideal for storing pillows and bedding - Credit: Aldiss

“Aldiss have a wide range of ottoman beds, including the fabric Cairo Ottoman bedstead that lifts up to reveal a full-length compartment,” says Victoria. “Under bed drawers are ideal if you don’t have a lot of floor space, and can help to make your bedroom feel more put-together and relaxing.” 

Hallway shoe cupboard 

Heritage shoe cupboard from Aldiss

The Heritage shoe cupboard is stylish and practical - Credit: Aldiss

As one of the most compact areas of the home, the hallway can be a hot-spot for household clutter. "Without storage, the hallway can quickly become a dumping ground for shoes, bags and other items that don’t have a proper home, which not only looks messy but can be impractical for busy households,” says Victoria. 

Shoe cupboards may seem like a purely functional piece of furniture, but they can make hallways feel much more homely and inviting. “The Heritage shoe cupboard offers plenty of storage, with a thick oak top ideal for displaying decorative items,” says Victoria. “Add a stylish mirror, coat hook and hallway bench and you’ll have a well-functioning and elegant entrance to your home.”  

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