How has Lowestoft changed over the last decade?

Lowestoft High Street changed over the decade

The historic High Street in L:owestoft in 2008 and then 2019 - Credit: Google

Like many places, Lowestoft has gone through a number of changes over the last decade but also many things have stayed the same.

How do the centre's streets compare on Google street view? We took a virtual around the seaside town to compare pictures taken near 2010 to the most recent pictures available.

Station Square

Station Square hasn't altered that much over the last decade, although a large Wetherspoons pub is now in residence alongside some other new businesses.

The area could soon be about to change as plans for a new civic plaza in the area were put forward in 2020. 

The Triangle Market

The Triangle Market in the historic High Street has always been a busy spot with people buying their goods from the stalls and nearby shops.

Over the past two years due to pandemic restrictions it had to be closed at points but reopened in August 2020. 

Suffolk Road

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Suffolk Road's store fronts have been given a spruce up from 2008 to 2019 and some businesses have come and gone while others have remained.

London Road

From 2008 to 20019 there has been several new stores that have opened up. The closure of Argos was a blow to the street but the arrival of a HSBC branch was a boost.

In 2020 HSBC announced the closure of several branches across the country but the Lowestoft HSBC was earmarked for refurbishment. 

High Street

The historic High Street has seen many developments over the decades.

Poet and writer Dean Parkin created a video poem in 2020 that helped tell the story of this street offering a "trip down memory lane." 

Hollingsworth Road

Hollingsworth Road's shops help keep the local community fed and watered. The corner shops have changed hands over ten years but the independent butchers remains today. 

Claremont Road and Pier

Claremont Pier is one of two in the town and was constructed at the turn of the 20th century. It is still a popular draw for locals and visitors alike.