Attention all lords and ladies-in-waiting: your dreams could soon become a reality as a host of esteemed titles go up for sale.

With guide prices varying between £5,000 and £7,000, a number of lordships across Waveney are being offered as part of a collaboration between Manorial Auctioneers and Strutt and Parker estate agents - and anyone can buy them.

Most of the titles are in the Domesday Book which was compiled in 1086 for William the Conqueror as an inventory of principal landholders in the new Norman kingdom of England.

One of the available titles is the Lordship of Kirkley, once owned by William I himself. The title's last noble owner was George Irby, 4th Lord Boston in the 19th century, and willing lords will need to stump up about £6,500 to stand a chance of assuming the revered role.

Also on the market is a condominium of lordships in the parish of Reydon. Offers in the region of £6,000 are required to potentially obtain three lordships - Reydon Wingfield, Reydon Cullier, and Reydon Blevilles - which could very probably be sold for a profit, according to Robert Smith of Manorial Auctioneers.

'People are attracted to these lordships because they like to have a little slice history and they see an element of prestige in becoming a lord of the manor,' said Mr Smith. 'Others are drawn to the lordships because they come with vast quantities of common land.

'The condominium in Reydon is really interesting as it includes several different sub-manors that were created in the early Middles Ages and allows the purchaser to obtain four lesser lordships that could even be sold on for a profit.'

Also available is the Lordship of Gisleham along with the sub-manor of Pyes, which commands an offer of around £7,000 to secure the manor and rights that have descended with each successive lord since they were granted in 1270.

A significant entry in the Domesday Book was the manor of Mutford, initially property of Earl Gytth during the medieval reign of Edward the Confessor. The manor, granted by Henry II and currently part of the Foster estate, is being marketed with a price tag of £7,000.

For further information about the lordships on offer, contact Manorial Auctioneers on 020 7582 1588.