A roadmap for promoting sustainable and inclusive growth in the east of England, while spearheading the UK’s battle against the climate emergency, has been showcased at the Houses of Parliament.

MPs, business leaders, councillors and entrepreneurs from across the region attended a reception in parliament on Tuesday as they launched a ‘roadmap’ for the future.

The report outlines several priorities to ensure the east grows in an eco-friendly way and so that nobody is left out.

With a vision for the region’s green future laid out, Waveney MP Peter Aldous, co-chair of the East of England APPG, spoke first at the parliament reception.

Mr Aldous said: "There is no region better placed to lead recovery after the pandemic and be the vanguard on the road to Net Zero.

“The east of England has a strong track record in making the most from any investment in our region, for example New Anglia LEPs Growth deal has already led to the creation of 3,005 new jobs, 2,189 learners, more than 800 homes and £676.4m of matched funding.

"Investment in a green recovery and levelling up in this region pays dividends – after all it is only one of three regions that gives more than it takes from the Treasury.

“I am sure, for example, that the Minister for Science, Research and Innovation will want to support our globally renowned life sciences sector, which were so instrumental in the development and delivery of the Astra Zeneca vaccine, so they can play their part in the green recovery.”

The APPG’s plans - which were handed to George Freeman MP, the Government’s Minister for Science, Research and Innovation - identify four main priorities for the region.

These include delivering a climate positive region, ensuring sustainable and inclusive economic growth, improved connectivity and decarbonisation and securing financially resilient councils.

Following the presentation, Mr Freeman said: "It would be a fitting tribute to Sir David Amess MP to build an inclusive eastern England so everyone - from windiest Norfolk to muddiest Essex and the north of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough - feels part of the innovation economy that is so crucial to our future.

"This is a historic opportunity to reset the UK economic model - to end our reliance on cheap labour and start an R&D-based, productive economy.

"And the East of England is leading the way."