Work is under way to create a vibrant new mural in Lowestoft.

And people are being urged to pick up a paintbrush and be part of painting the brand-new mural alongside Colombian illustrator and visual artist Catalina Carvajal.

The Suffolk-based artist is working with the community to paint the new mural on Cleveland Road, in Kirkley, Lowestoft.

Lowestoft Journal: Catalina Carvajal. Picture: Mikaela RackhamCatalina Carvajal. Picture: Mikaela Rackham (Image: Mikaela Rackham)

Throughout January and February the artist has been leading workshops with schools, youth groups, care homes and the community to find out what Kirkley means to them.

More than 120 people have been involved so far and shared their thoughts, ideas, and designs which will inspire a new mural for Cleveland Road, as part of the Kirkley Pocket Parks Group (KPPG) gardening project.

The project, entitled What Kirkley Means to Me, will see the artist design a 22-metre mural at the Cleveland Road Pocket Park.

Wendy Dalton, chairman of KPPG, said: "It’s wonderful how many people have been involved and brilliant to learn what is important to them, from the Pier to First Light Festival, the Air Show to the Remembrance Day Parade, and not forgetting the beach and the sea.

"It has also been heartwarming hearing that for many Kirkley is about home and belonging.

Lowestoft Journal: Wendy Dalton. Picture: Kirkley Pocket Parks GroupWendy Dalton. Picture: Kirkley Pocket Parks Group (Image: Kirkley Pocket Parks Group)

"We cannot wait to see the end results of the mural and then get planting the garden."

The mural will be painted on site, over the next two weeks and weekends, until March 26, and you can get involved.

Under Catalina’s direction people in the community can pick up a paintbrush and fill in sections of the design.

All you need to do is book onto a painting session by searching Cleveland Road on Eventbrite, with the minimum age being 18.

The project is being funded and delivered in partnership with the Kirkley Pocket Parks Group, Kirkley People’s Forum and the Lowestoft Heritage Action Zones.