Four students from a theatre group in a coastal town have been given a financial boost to perform in front of an audience in France.

Lowestoft Lions Club has provided funding to the performers which will enable them to travel to Plaisir in France with a twinning group from Lowestoft next month.

Louise Harrison, director of the FABBA Theatre Company for adults with additional needs, said: "Four of our FABBA members are joining the Lowestoft and Plaisir Twinning Association on a trip to France, on April 12-16, where they will present a performance in a local village hall.

"The group will be in France for five days and on one evening we are putting on a song and dance variety performance.

"It will be a mixture of songs from the musical Grease, a French scene and song and will include a little act from Romeo and Juliet."

The show will involve the four FABBA members and their parents - who also take part – as a total of 12 people perform.

Mrs Harrison added: "The trip, including hiring props and costumes is quite costly – so we are really grateful to Lowestoft Lions for their financial assistance towards the cost of the trip for the four members."

Richard Pulham, chairman of the twinning group, said: "The performers with their parents or carers will be staying in a house with a French host family so they will see what France is like and see how a French family lives.

"They should have a wonderful experience."

The FABBA Theatre Company are also presenting Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at the Seagull Theatre on March 29-31 at 7.30pm.

FABBA has been running for 10 years and has 20 students in Lowestoft and 16 at Great Yarmouth, but is always looking to recruit.

The members are all adults with additional needs and ages range from 18 to 70.