The next sections of a long-awaited third crossing are set to arrive in a coastal town this weekend.

Another significant milestone in the construction of the £126.75m Gull Wing bridge in Lowestoft will see the next two steel sections arriving.

After the North Approach Viaduct (NAV-1) section – the first section of the bridge for the northern approach crossing the railway line in Lowestoft - arrived in March last year and was lifted into place last October, the next two steel sections of the bridge will be lifted into place next week.

Lowestoft Journal: The Nav 1 is 55 metres long and weighs 1,400 tonnes

The sections of the new bridge, which is being delivered by Suffolk County Council and built by Farrans Construction, are due to arrive on a barge this weekend.

A spokesman for the Gull Wing Bridge said: "The next two steel sections of the bridge, NAV2 and NAV3 are due to arrive at the weekend."

Lowestoft Journal: NAV-1 arriving in Lowestoft on barge in March last year. Picture: Mick HowesNAV-1 arriving in Lowestoft on barge in March last year. Picture: Mick Howes (Image: Mick Howes)

NAV 2, which is 42m long, and weighs 221 tonnes, will be situated between Pier 7 and Pier 6, linking to the already installed NAV 1.

NAV 3, which is 50m long and weighs 182 tonnes, will then be placed between Pier 6 and Pier 5 over the north bank of Lake Lothing.

Lowestoft Journal: Gull Wing Lowestoft. Picture: Mick HowesGull Wing Lowestoft. Picture: Mick Howes (Image: Mick Howes)

The Gull Wing Bridge spokesman said: "The viaducts are planned to be barged over from Rotterdam at the weekend and then placed, using a large 600 tonne capacity crane, next week.

"The crane itself, a Liebherr LR1600, is being delivered this week using 18 articulated lorries, taking three days to assemble.

"This crane will lift the sections from the barge, positioning them on the piers, bolting, lining and levelling them into the correct position.

"Following this the concrete decks are cast and then the street furniture and surfacing will be placed."

The Gull Wing third crossing - which will cross Lake Lothing and link Waveney Drive to Denmark Road and Peto Way - has been hailed as "an iconic and important bridge for Lowestoft," as it is due to open in 2023.