A large hole remains in a wall on the side of a privately-owned block of flats in a coastal town after part of a Bansky artwork, valued at up to £3m, was removed.

The top section of the world-famous graffiti artist's seagull installation in Lowestoft disappeared in a "closely guarded" operation on Tuesday night.

Lowestoft Journal: The Banksy seagull art piece.

Part of the mural painted by Banksy on the side of the property at the corner of Denmark Road and Katwijk Way was removed - sparking fears it has been sold.

The artwork on the building - which is in private ownership - was created as part of Banksy's Great British Spraycation in August 2021.

After scaffolding and covers appeared at the wall of the house in February, concerns were raised over the future of the artwork that originally showcased a seagull swooping down to steal some polystyrene chips from a skip below.

Part of the mural was removed with police and security officers at the scene as it was lifted from the side of the building by a crane and taken away on "an enormous low loader lorry".

Prominent modern art dealer John Brandler had described the removal of Banksy's "amazing gift" as a real shame for Lowestoft.

It is unknown where it will now end up - or if, and when, the bottom section will be removed.

Lowestoft Journal: The hole in wall at the site of the Banksy seagull mural in Lowestoft. Picture: Lowestoft Central ProjectThe hole in wall at the site of the Banksy seagull mural in Lowestoft. Picture: Lowestoft Central Project (Image: Lowestoft Central Project)

On Thursday, a Lowestoft resident said the top half of the mural had "definitely gone".

One of the onlookers, who observed Tuesday night's operation, said: "It has all been quite closely guarded, and there was a film crew and a cameraman there.

"There was a lot of workmen and security around, with the sheeting around the scaffolding open. 

"It's a huge piece (of the wall) and I think it will have to come out in two sections as there are joists around it to hold the floor up.

"It will have to come out in two separate parts, as it would not have fitted on the flatbed lorry otherwise."