A new mayor has been elected to serve Lowestoft.

At the annual meeting of Lowestoft Town Council held at Hamilton House on Battery Green Road, Lowestoft on Tuesday evening, councillor Sonia Barker was unanimously elected as the mayor of Lowestoft for the municipal year 2023/2024.

Councillor Nasima Begum was then re-elected as deputy mayor for the forthcoming year.

The new mayor was unanimously elected, with the deputy mayor appointed for a second successive year with a majority of votes ahead of councillor Elise Youngman.

After being elected, Mrs Barker signed the declaration of office, before addressing councillors, staff and members of the public attending the annual meeting.

The new mayor said: "Thank you, and thank you for your confidence and trust in me - that's really appreciated."

Speaking afterwards, Mrs Barker thanked the outgoing mayor Alan Green for his "service to the community".

Mrs Barker added that it was an "honour" to be elected as mayor as she looked to "serve the people of Lowestoft with enthusiasm and passion" for her home town.

The election of the new mayor comes after Mr Green had worn the mayoral robes for three successive years, after first being elected mayor in May 2020.

Speaking at the annual meeting, prior to the new mayor's election, Mr Green said: "I just really want to thank our staff and the support they've given to me throughout the last three years.

"And you councillors too - we have had a really exciting, but challenging year.

"We have got through a lot of business and while there will be some challenges to come I know you are all up for it - thank you very much everyone."

The next full council meeting is set to take place next Tuesday, May 23 at 6.30pm at Hamilton House where the town council will consider the co-option applications to fill the council’s six remaining vacancies following the recent local elections.