The jury in the trial of a 44-year-old man accused of rape has retired to consider its verdict.

Before Ipswich Crown Court on Monday was Tony Kirk, of High Street, Lowestoft.

Giving evidence during his trial last week Kirk said he and two other men had gone to the woman’s aid after seeing her rolling on the ground at the back of The Triangle Pub in Lowestoft with another person.

Kirk said the woman was bleeding from a head wound and he and two other men had helped her home.

He claimed that after spending a couple of hours chatting and smoking to the woman after he was left alone with her, she had touched him sexually and they had then removed their lower clothing and had consensual sex.

Kirk said he had told the woman he wasn’t what she wanted and that she would regret having sex with him in the morning, but she persisted.

He denied using any physical force on her and said that at no stage had she tried to push him away or told him to stop.

Kirk has denied raping the woman in October last year.

The jury is expected to continue its deliberations on Tuesday.