A yacht from France in difficulties after suffering engine problems off the Suffolk coast sparked a call out.

The two-man crew of a 12m French yacht had to call for help when their engine repeatedly failed as they approached Lowestoft Harbour.

Lowestoft lifeboat Patsy Knight was called out at 12.09pm on Wednesday (June 21) to go to the aid of the yacht which was just off the pier head

After towing the yacht back into harbour, Second Coxswain Karl Jackson said: "We were told that the yacht, which had sailed from Wells, was losing power and had made a couple of attempts at getting into the port, but the engine had stalled both times and kept stalling as they made an approach.

"We reached the vessel, which was close to the Newcombe Sands very quickly, but it was high water so there was little danger of going aground.

"If a yacht loses their engine as they come towards the pier heads the tide will put them on to the rocks, so the skipper did the safest thing by contacting UK Coastguard and asking to be towed in by lifeboat."