A man who can not swim has been rescued from the middle of a lake after falling into the water by a supermarket in Lowestoft.

The Lowestoft lifeboat crew were called out at 6pm on Wednesday (June 28) to rescue a man who had fallen into Lake Lothing near the Asda supermarket.

The Port Control quickly raised the Bascule Bridge for the lifeboat to get from the mooring to the middle of the lake where the man was.

Lifeboat coxswain John Fox said: “It was unclear how the man had fallen from the harbour wall but he told us that he had been shopping before ending up in the water.

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"When we arrived he was clinging onto a life ring that had been thrown to him - as he said that he could not swim.

"The man was very pleasant and really grateful for our help.

"He was probably one of the most polite people that we have rescued.”

The lifeboat lifted the man into the boat and headed back to the lifeboat station.

He was then passed into the care of a paramedic and the Coastguard.