A teacher who "influenced thousands of pupils" over almost 30 years at a Lowestoft high school has been hailed at her retirement.

Tanya Hasler has retired after 28 years of teaching at East Point Academy - the former Kirkley High School - in Kirkley, Lowestoft.

English teacher Ms Hasler has been hailed as "amazing" having had "a massive impact on thousands of pupils over her time in Lowestoft," according to colleagues.

Lucy Austin, principal at East Point Academy on Kirkley Run, said: "Ms Hasler has been an invaluable part of our team at East Point Academy and will surely be missed by all of us.

"Over her time here she has influenced thousands of pupils and supported the learning of much of Lowestoft's residents in doing so.

"We thank her for all her hard work over the years and wish her well in her retirement."

Having joined what was the then Kirkley High School in 1995 to teach English, Ms Hasler took on a pastoral position a few years later, which not long afterwards became the lead role in response to the 'Every Child Matters' initiative.

In 2005 Ms Hasler married another member of staff but kept her maiden name.

In more recent years at East Point Academy, she has been the Head of English, working towards the development of a successful team in the department.

A school spokesman said: "It is very unusual for a teacher to stay in the same school for 28 years.

"In this time the school has seen a lot of changes, latterly becoming East Point Academy, as Tanya has worked with thousands of pupils and their families, scores of teachers, dozens of student teachers and newly qualified teachers, as well as eight headteachers or principals.

"She leaves having made a significant contribution to the school and to the education of a large number of children and young adults within the Lowestoft area and beyond."