A social media influencer from Lowestoft has raised £3,300 for a cancer charity in only 24 hours.  

Sheryl Bucknole, 26, who streams on the video platform Twitch under the name MiyukiPanda, was inspired to fundraise for Cancer Research UK after the death of her uncle. 

It was the dental nurse’s third annual 24-hour stream and brought her lifetime funds raised to more £10,000. 

Ms Bucknole started streaming in the lockdown of 2020. Since then, she has hosted her own game show at the Insomnia gaming festival, as well as other events. 

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Lowestoft Journal: Lowestoft woman Sheryl Bucknole streams on Twitch under the name MiyukiPanda. Lowestoft woman Sheryl Bucknole streams on Twitch under the name MiyukiPanda. (Image: Supplied)

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Being able to raise funds for Cancer Research UK is her favourite part, she said.  

This was initially inspired by her uncle Jimmy who passed away from cancer complications in 2020 and she continues to be inspired by loved ones, including a very close family member who has been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  

The stream included giveaways and playing a variety of games and activities - including her and her brother, Shaun, breaking eggs on each other's heads. 

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She also spoke with Cancer Research UK to educate her viewers on what their donations can do, as well as with a person who has been battling cancer for nine years and is on her sixth round of chemo.  

Miss Bucknole said: “The hardest part of a 24-hour stream is staying awake in the early hours and into the morning.  

“Luckily at around 8am my brother Shaun came in to chat while I was able to rest a little bit and focus on staying awake rather than entertaining the chat for a little while.

"That along with the Dungeons and Dragons segment at the end with my friends who carried me through to the end.”  

Miss Bucknole will continue to put on this event each year and wants to organise larger events for the charity.