A road which was partially closed for ten months due to a badger sett beneath it has been reopened.

Road workers discovered the sett at the B1127 at Hulver, near Beccles around Christmas time 2022 when called to fill in, what they believed, was a large pothole.

Upon arrival, however, they discovered that the hole was inhabited by a badger family.

Lowestoft Journal: The partially closed off Hulver Street from the badger settThe partially closed off Hulver Street from the badger sett (Image: Bruno Brown)

According to the Badger Trust website, it states that as a protected species "it is illegal to interfere with badgers or their setts without a licence from either Natural England or Natural Resources Wales."

Last month, the sett was monitored by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, and following repairs, the road was considered safe to reopen by Suffolk Highways.

Lowestoft Journal: The closed up badger sett on Hulver StreetThe closed up badger sett on Hulver Street (Image: Bruno Brown)

Some were unsatisfied with the council's speed in dealing with the sett and the state of the road.

Other villagers had accepted that the impact of wild badgers is "part of living in the countryside".

The traffic lights have now been removed and the road is open.

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In 2018 over 1000 known badger setts were in Suffolk.

Lowestoft Journal: Badgers

But while some threats to badgers have dissipated, others have loomed larger.

Road traffic has become a major threat to badgers in this region with over 200 road deaths reported each year.

This is a marked contrast from the early 1990s when only around 20 dead roadside badgers were reported.