A couple living in a care home have celebrated 70 years of marriage. 

Eric and Denise Woodham, 92 and 88-years-old, enjoyed a romantic meal for two at Oulton Park care home in Lowestoft where they were given a royal acknowledgement card from King Charles and Queen Camilla.

The couple got engaged to be married in 1951.

At that time, they were living in Broadstair, Kent, where Eric was an apprentice carpenter and Denise was a homemaker.  

Lowestoft Journal: Denise Woodham.Denise Woodham. (Image: Supplied)

In 1953, at the ages of 22 and 18, Eric and Denise were married. 

Shortly after, Eric finished his apprenticeship and was called for national service and posted to RAF Coltishall.  

They later moved to Horning in north Norfolk, where they rented a property while Eric built them their first bungalow.

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Lowestoft Journal: Eric WoodhamEric Woodham (Image: Supplied)

In 1961, when the house was finished, it was the most modern one on the street.  

At that time it was very rare for anyone to have a phone indoors - but Eric and Denise's red handset became a neighbourhood highlight, and neighbours would frequently knock on the door to use it.  

Eric and Denise didn’t mind, of course - but there was a little box next to the phone that said “Phone from here where e’er you will, but don’t forget who pays the bill“.

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Lowestoft Journal: Eric Woodham on his motorbike.Eric Woodham on his motorbike. (Image: Supplied)

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Later, the couple decided to have children and moved to a bigger property in Skeyton. 

Their family grew and they especially loved taking the children water-skiing to Blakeney Point. 

While Denise stayed at home to be the homemaker, Eric went back to carpentry, helping to build the roof of the cathedral and the old maternity hospital in Norwich. 

Lowestoft Journal: The royal acknowledgement letter sent to Denise and Eric Woodham who have been married for 70 years. The royal acknowledgement letter sent to Denise and Eric Woodham who have been married for 70 years. (Image: Supplied)

After the children had moved out, the couple bought a home in Oulton Broad and a place in Spain, then moved to the Oulton Broad care home in April this year.

Gemma Hatton, the care home's administrator, said the couple's marriage was "a remarkable achievement and all of us at Oulton Park were over the moon to be able to celebrate the occasion with both Eric and Denise and their family".