Carlton Colville Primary School is enhancing biodiversity and supporting the growth of green spaces by establishing a small orchard and planting silver Birch trees in a large meadow area on the school field.

The funding came from The Tree Council's Branching Out Fund, which offers grants varying between £250 and £2,500, to community groups, schools, small registered charities, and Tree Warden Networks seeking to establish trees, hedgerows, and orchards throughout the winter planting season.

Mrs Gray, the teacher overseeing outdoor learning at the school, said: “These trees are another great addition to our school grounds.

"Over the past few years, we have worked hard to develop our outdoor spaces.

Lowestoft Journal: The pupils will create videos to help teach the rest of their peers all about trees The pupils will create videos to help teach the rest of their peers all about trees (Image: Carlton Colville Primary School)

"We have installed a large Wildlife Area with different habitats such as woodland, pond and wildflower areas.

"We are also developing two large meadow areas and we have an established allotment area.

"The site still lacks trees, so we are very excited to receive this grant to further support local wildlife and biodiversity.

"The children are very excited about the potential of attracting more birds and insects to our site and to also to watch the lifecycle of fruiting trees over the coming years.”

Now in its 17th year, Branching Out has aided hundreds of projects across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, creating new habitats for wildlife and providing a 'green living legacy' for residents and visitors from Cornwall to Carmarthenshire, and Fife to Fermanagh.

Mrs Gray said: “Last week, some Year 3 and 4 children were helped by the Wildlife expert, Tim Page, to plant the trees.

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"On National trees day in March, Year 4 children will be creating videos on how to identify trees and care for them."

The Tree Council grants officer, Geraldine Creaven said: “We’re so thrilled for all our successful applicants, especially Carlton Colville Primary School.”

More information about The Tree Council’s Branching Out Fund can be found at