A school is championing reading by introducing a literacy hub.

Westwood Primary, in Lowestoft, has launched the hub which will also benefit other nearby schools.

The school, part of The Active Learning Trust, recently hosted an open morning in dedication to the Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS) phonics and spelling scheme.

It was attended by teachers from neighbouring schools.

Lowestoft Journal: The school will work with neighbouring schools to boost literacy The school will work with neighbouring schools to boost literacy (Image: Westwood Primary School)

The event showcased Westwood’s use of the scheme in boosting literacy among its pupils and aimed to position the school as a leader in literacy education.

Westwood has also integrated the Reading Tree scheme from Oxford University Press into its curriculum as a tool for capturing the imagination of pupils.

The school's work with ELS has seen it designated as East Anglia’s sole ELS Hub school.

Beth Jones, assistant headteacher at Westwood, holds the distinction of being the only qualified ELS exemplar trainer in East Anglia.

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During the open morning, she illustrated the benefits of ELS techniques in improving pupils progress.

A consultant from Oxford University Press also attended the morning event, guiding teachers on implementing the Reading Tree scheme and offering resources to enhance literacy education.

Lauraine Barnes, head of school, said: "We were delighted to showcase to other schools how well ELS is embedded into our curriculum and the positive impact it has had on our children’s progress."

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Lynsey Holzer, chief executive of The Active Learning Trust, said: "It is always exciting to see our schools embracing innovative new techniques which make such a difference to our children’s learning, and for our teaching staff to take the opportunity to share these benefits with other schools.

"Well done to everyone involved at Westwood."

Westwood Primary School invites neighbouring schools interested in learning more or participating in future events to get contact for more information.