Prehistoric adventure looms as brave rangers face a volcano to save dinosaurs in a live-action spectacle coming to a seaside town.

Dinosaur Adventure Live is headed to the Marina Theatre, Lowestoft on May 30.

The newest instalment, Trouble on Volcano Island, follows an action-packed adventure with rangers as they face an active volcano threatening everyone on the island, including the dinosaurs.

The rangers together with popular dinosaurs attempt to save the island from impending disaster.

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The immersive experience includes the sighting of well-known dinosaurs, including Triceratops, Spinosaurus, and baby dinosaurs, not forgetting the T-Rex who will also make an appearance.

While traveling across the island, they'll find new dinosaur species and tackle exciting challenges.

Designed to be interactive, the show promises to draw its audience into its prehistoric expedition.

Families are advised to stay following the performance for a complimentary photo opportunity and a chance to meet the dinosaurs.

With the island's volcanic activity, Dinosaur Adventure Live is shaping up to be a family event not to be missed at the end of May.

Tickets can be purchased on the Marina Theatre website.