Police figures show that only two out of 19 reports of sexual assaults in pubs, bars and clubs in four major towns have resulted in arrests.

This newspaper's Freedom of Information request (FOI) to Suffolk Police showed the data from drinking venues in Beccles, Bungay, Halesworth and Lowestoft from 2020 to the present.

Lowestoft had the highest number of reports of sexual assaults made to police, with 16 reports made to police with two arrests made.

While Beccles, Bungay and Halesworth all had one incident of a sexual assault at a drinking venue in each respective town being reported to police - resulting in no arrests.


In 2022, a man was arrested for "touching a woman's breast" which resulted in the man being charged and summoned to court.

Lowestoft Journal: The Lowestoft Town signThe Lowestoft Town sign (Image: ©archant2015)

In 2023 a person was arrested at a drinking venue in Lowestoft after a "female was touched on the bottom inappropriately" - though the person was arrested no further action was taken.

2022 was the year with the highest number of reported sexual assaults with six reports to police, 2021 had four, 2023 had three, 2020 had two and to date, 2024 had one.


Police named the venues where the reported sexual offences took place - Broadview Wine Bar, Factory Arms, Faith Night Club, Fieldy’s, Lake Lothing, Mossys, The Joseph Conrad, The King Alfred, The Venue, and The Waveney.


In 2022 it was reported to Suffolk Police that in Bungay, namely at the Green Dragon Pub, a "male grabbed victim". Though the suspect was identified to police, no further action was taken.

Lowestoft Journal: Bungay town signBungay town sign (Image: Archant © 2009)

This was the only account of a sexual assault reported to police from incidents in drinking venues in Bungay from 2020 to the present.


Also in 2022, in Halesworth, namely at Chinny’s Sports Club and Bar, it was reported to Suffolk Police that a "Male has put a hand up the victim's skirt".

Lowestoft Journal: Halesworth town signHalesworth town sign (Image: East Suffolk Council)

Police investigated the report, however, the victim was "unable to support police investigation to identify offender",  so as a result the offence went unpunished.

This was the only account of a sexual assault reported to police from incidents in drinking venues in Halesworth from 2020 to the present.


In Beccles, there was one incident of sexual assault being reported to Suffolk Police from drinking venues.

Lowestoft Journal: Beccles town signBeccles town sign (Image: Archant)

The incident happened at King's Head Wetherspoon pub in 2023 with police describing the offence as "inappropriate sexual comments and touching".

Similar to the offence in Bungay, the suspect was identified and named to the police but no further action was taken.


The police summary of each offence doesn't necessarily always outline the gender of the victim or alleged offender.

However, only on one occasion was a male named as being the victim.

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This is in contrast to 13 occasions where the police summary of the offence makes it clear that a woman has been sexually assaulted.

In five of the 19 reported sexual assaults in the four towns the police do not outline the gender of the victim or alleged offender.

Four of the police summaries of the offences were men touching women's bottoms and on of those times it describes "Male slapped female on bottom" - all of these were in Lowestoft.

If you are a victim and want to speak out about your experience then please get in touch and email: bruno.brown@newsquest.co.uk

More importantly, for information on how to report rape, sexual assault or other sexual offences click: www.suffolk.police.uk/ro/report/rsa/alpha-v1/advice/rape-sexual-assault-and-other-sexual-offences/how-to-report-rape-sexual-assault-other-sexual-offences/