Sabrina Washington, from the chart-topping group Mis-Teeq, is set to enchant crowds this Christmas at a Lowestoft pantomime.

Sabrina, part of the multi-platinum selling trio, is known for her part in the creation of several hits including Scandalous.

As well as topping charts to touring multiple continents and her successful solo career she is known for numerous television appearances, including being on I’m a Celebrity,

This winter will mark a new chapter in her illustrious career as she appears in the Marina Theatre's pantomime.

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On December 10, she will make her debut in pantomime as the witch Mauvaise in Beauty and the Beast.

The Lowestoft production promises a wealth of talent on stage, with X Factor's Stevi Ritchie as Gaston and the ever-popular Terry Gleed returning as Phillippe Philloppe.

Fans can expect spectacular performances, with hilarious comedy capers nicely complementing the strong storyline.

The vibrant scenery and lighting designs promise to create a magical ambience, while innovative choreography combined with colourful costumes promise a visual spectacle.

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Aside from Sabrina, Ritchie and Gleed, an ensemble of skilled actors supports the show, contributing to the comprehensive family entertainment package the Marina promises.

The storyline that carries themes as old as time has been given a contemporary facelift, allowing all ages to enjoy the numerous musical numbers.

The end product is a timely update on the classic Beauty and the Beast tale, making it a must-see for families this holiday season.

A spokesman for the show said: "Far from scandalous, the pantomime tale of Beauty and the Beast is an all-round family favourite with comedy capers, superb scenery and sensational lighting, colourful costumes and creative choreography, bringing the tale as old as time up to date with an exciting cast and musical numbers for all ages to enjoy."