Accused describes 'perfect marriage'

A FORMER Suffolk pub owner accused of murdering his wife by plunging a 10-inch bayonet into her chest five times told a court they had a 'perfect marriage'.

A FORMER Suffolk pub owner accused of murdering his wife by plunging a 10-inch bayonet into her chest five times told a court they had a 'perfect marriage'.

Paul Green, of Main Road, Marlesford, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Sharon Green at their home between November 19 and 20 last year.

The 53 year old's body was found in their bedroom at the former Old Bell public house.

Paul Green gave evidence yesterday afternoon on the third day of his trial at Ipswich Crown Court.

When the 59-year-old was asked by his counsel Brian Reece how he would describe the couple's 37-year marriage, Green said: 'I think it was a perfect marriage. We got on well. I had never had an argument with her.

'We were always working together and laughing.'

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Earlier in the trial it had been suggested Mrs Green had been killed because her husband believed she was having an affair with a thatcher, Steven Pye, from Bramford, who had been working in their roof.

However, Mr Pye, who is in his early 60s, had categorically denied any sexual liaison.

Asked about his first impressions of Mr Pye, Paul Green described him as a 'nice old boy' and said he had become a friend.

Mrs Green used to go over to Mr Pye's home and help with his garden, the court heard.

Paul Green said he had no problem with this until the beginning of September last year when his wife came home crying.

Green told the court Mrs Green said she and Mr Pye had fallen out as he had left a pile of money on a table in his house and had accused of her taking something.

Green said he did not like seeing his wife crying and suggested she did not go over to Mr Pye's in future.

The court heard that on another occasion Mrs Green had told her husband she loved Mr Pye, but Green took this to mean in a friendly way.

Green added: 'I never suspected she was unfaithful. I would never have thought she would do anything like that. I trusted her.'

However, Green became aware his wife and Mr Pye were texting and e-mailing each other.

On November 18, two days before Mrs Green's body was found, Paul Green said his wife began crying again after receiving a text from Mr Pye.

As he could not find the thatcher's number, he telephoned Mr Pye's assistant Stuart Dunnett to request he ask the thatcher not to continue contacting Mrs Green.

She told her husband he was causing further upset, but the court heard Paul Green replied: 'He's upsetting you.'

Earlier, the jury was told Mrs Green received a text on September 20 from Mr Pye stating: 'I think we will be together one day.'

The thatcher had also noted in his diary in September: 'Sharon came and saw me and we had our first kiss.'

He said it was on his birthday, and she had popped around and given him a friendly peck on the cheek.

The last text Mr Pye sent on November 17 read: 'I will always love you.'

The trial continues.

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