Anger and disappointment as Banksy artwork defaced

Paint has been daubed across the cocktail rat Banksy artwork in Lowestoft.

Paint has been daubed across the cocktail rat Banksy artwork in Lowestoft. - Credit: Richard Girling/Emma-lei Longhurst

There is anger and disappointment this morning after one of the Banksy artworks in Lowestoft was defaced overnight.

Pictures which emerged across social media, show the cocktail rat art piece, on Lowestoft's North Beach just off Links Road, has been daubed with what eyewitnesses say is roller paint.

It isn't the first time a Banksy artwork has been defaced in our area.

Street art depicting a rat drinking a cocktail has appeared at North Beach in Lowestoft.

The Banksy piece which was defaced in Lowestoft. - Credit: Emma-lei Longhurst

defaced cocktail rat lowestoft

People in the town have been left feeling sad, disappointed and angry. - Credit: Samantha Ford

In Gorleston, the teddy picker claw piece was defaced on Friday (August 13) a few hours before the piece was announced as a genuine Banksy.

Richard Girling lives close to the area in Lowestoft where the cocktail rat is located and his wife saw the news that the artwork had been defaced just before midnight last night on social media.

He said: "It's just really sad to see something like this happen.

"We went for a walk down at the beach yesterday evening, walking the dog around 6.30pm and it was still intact.

"The vandalism must have happened some time between then and midnight when it went up on social media.

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"It just looks like it has been daubed over with roller paint and paint was still dripping down the piece.

"We decided to come and look this morning and there are already people down there trying to get rid of the paint so the community spirit is strong in Lowestoft."


It is not yet known if or when the council will put up protection. - Credit: Richard Girling

When asked whether the council should have been more proactive in protecting the Lowestoft artworks like in Great Yarmouth, Mr Girling said anyone could deface the Banksy works if they set their mind to it.

"I think it is important not to put blame on someone for this.

"Even if Perspex protections are now put up around the Banksy pieces, there is nothing stopping someone setting it on fire for example.

"The beauty of Banksy is that his work is created out in vulnerable locations.

"They are wonderfully exposed and that is the beauty of it.

"Where else would you ever seen an artwork worth millions of millions of pounds on a sea wall.

"I've put the pictures I took out to local Facebook groups and Instagram, just to try and see if Banksy sees all this as well."