Water works lasting nearly a year to begin as part of £3 million investment

Drivers are facing long queues after the Bascule Bridge in Lowestoft was stuck open. Picture: Nick B

The £3.8 million investment will see improvements made in Station Square, Denmark Road, and near Bascule Bridge. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Water works lasting until next October are set to begin in Lowestoft next week.

The improvements are part of a £3.8 million investment by Anglian Water to help improve the environment by protecting the bathing waters.

Improvements will be made to the surface water sewer network following investigations which have shown showing a number of misconnected drains from private pipes in the Station Square area.

These will begin on November 15 and last until March 2022.

The pumping station on Denmark Road will get an upgrade to help tackle rainwater run off, which is a key pollutant of bathing water.

Upgrades to the station will start on November 17 and last until January 2022.

A storm tank will also be installed nearby to collect excess foul and rainwater and store it until it can be safely treated, reducing the chance of poor bathing water quality.

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New storm tanks will be installed north of the Bascule Bridge between February and October 2022.

Nicola Harvey from Anglian Water said: "We know how vital clean seas are for local communities and the economy, Anglian Water’s been committed to improving bathing waters along the East of England coastline.

"What remains are the hard-to-reach diffuse pollution problems, like misconnected house drains and urban and agricultural run-off, that have a large, cumulative impact on the quality of our bathing waters."

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