Apply for vouchers to help with superslow broadband

Therese Coffey

Therese Coffey

People with superslow broadband are being encouraged to apply for vouchers to help with the cost of having satellite broadband

Suffolk Coastal MP Dr Therese Coffey said the scheme would fulfil the Government's pledge that everyone could have broadband speeds of at least 2MB, which is enough to access iPlayer.

Dr Coffey said: 'The rollout of superfast broadband is making good progress.

'Over 20,000 more households can connect to superfast broadband thanks to Government and council investment.

'However, no more fibre cabinets are being installed in the Suffolk Coastal constituency in the next nine months. Phase 2 will proceed when we get state aid clearance from the EU, which I believe will come through shortly.

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'For those people who experience a download speed under 2MB, the best option is now to apply for satellite broadband vouchers.

'You will need to pay the monthly fee as per usual, but a voucher will pay the costs of the installation of the satellite dish.'

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To apply for a satellite broadband voucher, visit www.betterbroad

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