Mum thanks Asda staff for helping calm daughter

ella rose

Ella Rose, holding the Valentine's balloon given to her by Asda staff. - Credit: Shannon Howell

A mum has praised Asda staff after they calmed her daughter at the self-checkouts while she was having a tantrum and offered the family a free hot meal.

Shannon Howell, 24, was at the Asda superstore on Belvedere Road in Lowestoft on Monday, January 15 with her 20-month-old daughter Ella Rose when she began having a tantrum at the self checkout.


It all happened at the Asda superstore on Belvedere Road. - Credit: Google Maps

Miss Howell said: "I was at the self checkout with my daughter Ella Rose and she started having a full blown tantrum just as I was putting all the shopping through.

"It's difficult with younger children sometimes because you feel like you are juggling everything, especially when you are paying for something in the supermarket.

"The next thing I know, two lovely members of staff come over called Kay and Kerry, get down to my daughter's level and offer her a Valentine's Day balloon.

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"She calmed down immediately and this enabled me to pack all my shopping and pay."

ella rose

The Asda staff managed to calm down little Ella Rose. - Credit: Shannon Howell

The 24-year-old was delighted to discover that the staff's kind gesture did not stop there.

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"The staff said that if I bought a coffee from the cafe I could take a free hot meal home with me," Miss Howell explained.

"Working mums like me are always in a rush. Trying to balance teaching the children at home as well as being a mum and having a job it takes its toll.

"I want the Asda staff to understand that this gesture means the world to me.

"Us mums are often judged at the supermarket tills if we have screaming kids and it was so nice that the Asda staff could just look past all that and offer a helping hand," Miss Howell said.

ella rose

Ella Rose was delighted with her valentine's balloon. - Credit: Shannon Howell

The two members of staff have been praised by Leon McNab, Customer Trading Manager at Asda Lowestoft.

He said: “Kerry and Kay are brilliant colleagues who are really friendly and always have a smile for everyone who comes into the store.

"They always offer great service, so I’m not surprised that they were there straight away with a few kind words.

"As mums themselves, I know they will have wanted to help and will be really pleased that they were able to make this little girl’s day with one of our Valentine’s balloons.”

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