Bat rescue in Lowestoft ASDA be lucky

BAT RESCUE: We've all experienced one of those days when we wished we'd never got out of bed.

Well, this lucky bat was almost left to regret its decision to rise from its slumbers, when it was rescued by caring staff at Lowestoft's Asda superstore after emerging from hibernation too early.

Nicknamed Meatloaf by the staff, the male long eared bat was found in a crate at the Horn Hill store's warehouse in what initially appeared to be in a lifeless state.

But when the poorly bat moved his ears, the workers realised they had to act fast by keeping him warm and getting him to a wildlife centre as soon as possible.

Beverley Shipp, the store's community colleague, got permission for duty manager Darren Chapman to take Meatloaf straight to the Seal and Bird Rescue Trust at Ridlington, near Cromer.

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Staff at the rescue centre said that because Meatloaf had emerged too early from hibernation, he had lost a lot of weight. But he has now started to eat properly and will spend the winter at the centre recovering. The centre also praised the Asda staff for their quick thinking as this saved helping Meatloaf's life.

Ms Shipp, 43, of Vermeer Close, Gunton St Peter, said: 'He was so small he could easily fit in my hand. He was lifeless. When I moved towards he opened up his ears, so I knew he was still alive.

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'I am happy we could help him – especially as it was near Halloween!'

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