‘Be vigilant’ warning over 2011 Census in Suffolk

PEOPLE are being warned to remain vigilant when the 2011 Cenus gets under way later this month.

The Census will begin on Sunday, March 27 and Suffolk police say that it may give would-be distraction burglars 'an opportunity to target vulnerable people' in the community.

Each household will receive a census questionnaire in March, which must to be returned. If you do not return your completed questionnaire, a census collector will visit your home to collect the information.

Police are urging householders to remain alert and to check the ID of any door-to-door caller.

If you have completed your census form and returned it promptly, no person should call at your property.

Should you receive a call from a census collector, it is important to remember the following points:

•Check the identity and photo of the caller to ensure they are valid. All census staff will carry an ID card with a photo, logo and hologram

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•Census collectors may ask for name and number of residents, but they will not ask for specific details like like credit card or bank information

•People will not be asked to leave their questionnaire on the doorstep for collection.

A force spokesman said: 'If you are in any doubt of the person's identity, close the door and do not let them in. Always use the door chain when opening the door. If you suspect any caller at your door is not genuine, ring the police immediately on 999.'

•People can request a pre-arranged appointment with a collector, via the census helpline number: 0300 0201 101 or check online for more info: www.census.gov.uk