Beach Radio turns the tables on Journal and EDP team for Pop the Question quiz

The Journal and EDP take part in The Beach's Pop the Question. Left to right, Joe Randlesome, Beach

The Journal and EDP take part in The Beach's Pop the Question. Left to right, Joe Randlesome, Beach presenter Mikey Faulkner, Simon Ward and Andrew Papworth. - Credit: Archant

They are more used to asking the questions than answering them.

But will The Journal and EDP's journalists be able to take the pressure of some quick-fire questions in a radio station's popular music quiz?

All will be revealed this week as our top team of reporters take on the Beach Radio's daily Pop the Question challenge.

The radio station for the east coast invites a workplace on air each week to compete in the popular contest to test their pop music knowledge.

Editor Andrew Papworth, chief reporter Mark Boggis and reporters Kathryn Bradley, Joe Randlesome and Simon Ward were quick off the mark on their first day, getting a great four out of five questions right - admittedly with a few helpful clues from host Mikey Faulkner.

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But with four more days of lyrics to work out and song titles to guess, can the news crew cope with answering questions while working hard to get the paper out on time and keep our websites up-to-date?

The pressure is certainly on - the top scorer is Leisure Office Supplies with 24, meaning the EDP and The Journal will now have to get every remaining question correct if they want to top the leaderboard.

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Mr Papworth said: 'It was certainly tough and having to answer the questions for a change certainly made us feel like the tables had been turned.

'We like to think we've got our finger on the pulse when it comes to all the breaking news from Lowestoft and Southwold but I know my pop knowledge is perhaps a little off beat.

'Thankfully I've got some really cool colleagues who know their stuff - let's hope it'll be enough.

'We like to be first with the news, so we definitely want to be top of the leaderboard.'

Mr Faulkner - the man posing the questions - said: 'We do Pop the Question every weekday on The Beach. It's a good way for businesses to expose themselves to potential customers using the power of radio whilst having fun with their workmates.

'It's also our way of showing that local radio really does matter and that we are here on the east coast delivering truly local radio in our 20th year.'

Find out how The Journal team get on by tuning into The Beach at 103.4 and 97.4 FM at 12.30pm today and every day this week.

You can also listen online.

Workplaces interested in taking part in Pop the Question can email

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