When will we see the big thaw?

Family fun in the snow on the riverside path at Woodbridge

Family fun in the snow on the riverside path at Woodbridge - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

More snow showers and some bitterly cold nights are forecast for Suffolk - and the big thaw is not expected for some days yet.

Forecasters say it is likely to be Monday or Tuesday when temperatures will start to rise significantly and the snow and ice start to disappear.

By then temperatures will be 7C to 8C and the thaw could arrive quickly.

In the meantime, the winter wonderland is set to stick around with paths and roads remaining treacherous - with drifting having caused problems on minor roads across the county, making travel very difficult.

A snowy riverside at Woodbridge

A snowy riverside at Woodbridge - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

Fred Best, meteorologist at Weatherquest, said the next couple of days were set to be very cold with easterly winds continuing to feed in snow showers, though these will become more isolated.

Overnight into tomorrow, any odd snow showers will settle with temperatures falling to between minus 2C and minus 5C. There could be 3cm to 5cm of snow in places, particularly in the east of the county.

Mr Best said: "Through tomorrow we will continue to see the odd snow shower but it will be patchy and in some places completely dry with some sunshine, though the risk of an odd shower remains for everyone."

Aye, Aye captain - a snow man on a boat at Woodbridge quayside

Aye, Aye captain - a snow man on a boat at Woodbridge quayside - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

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Wednesday night into Thursday will be exceptionally cold - in the west of the region temperatures are expected to get down to minus 6C or minus 7C. Snow showers will be very isolated.

The wind will swing south-easterly towards the end of the week but conditions remain cold with overnight frosts. Where snow melts it will become icy.

Mr Best said: "It will be 1C to 2C through Sunday into Monday and then get a little bit milder into Tuesday when daytime temperatures could reach 7C to 8C."


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