Parish council - The parish council met on April 6, present were J Nichols (chairman) J Blowers, T Townend, G Soanes, S Rees, G Wade and S Perks. County Cllr A Barron, PCSO Kershaw and four parishioners also attended.

||Parish council - The parish council met on April 6, present were J Nichols (chairman) J Blowers, T Townend, G Soanes, S Rees, G Wade and S Perks. County Cllr A Barron, PCSO Kershaw and four parishioners also attended. Apologies were received from Waveney Cllr P Ashdown, County Cllr M Cherry, and S Lewis. Mr Rees declared an interest in the plan for 4 Barkis Meadow. Mrs Edwards thanked Waveney Council for the quick response to repairing the pothole in The Street. The chairman said praise should go to WDC P Ashdown as he had reported the matter. A parishioner complained about the green shed in a front garden in The Street, the chairman said it had been reported two months ago. The planning department have been informed and they are taking action on the matter. He would contact Chris Green for a report on progress. Mrs Townend reported that a pickup truck parked on The Street is making driving dangerous. Mr Wade reported that the kissing gate at the Lound Road end of the Holly Gardens footpath is no longer secured. A resident has felled a tree adjacent to the gate and this has left the metal barrier in an unsafe state. He also asked when the slow signs would be reinstated on the Flixton road at the approach to Lound Road; the previous ones were removed last summer when the carriageway was re-surfaced. Mrs Barron agreed to follow those two matters up. Mr Perks reported that he had stopped a van from fly tipping in the entrance to the Fruit Farm and he also said that the ditches have been cleared in Pound Lane and they are now working well.

PCSO Kershaw reported that during March five crimes were reported, four were related to HMP and the other was theft of a motor bike and driving with no helmet; two males were charged. PCSO Kershaw said that during the past school term she had attended the local school and had addressed several parking issues. She stressed that most parents park neatly and safely and that offenders will be issued with parking tickets. She had had complaints from residents of Lowestoft Road about the excessive speed of some vehicles on this stretch of road and has requested figures to be produced and traffic officers can give it their attention. Waveney Council cannot remove the small amount of graffiti at the skate park and a new Neighbourhood Watch scheme is being set up in Hall Lane. Councillors reported that several cars in the village are parking on grass verges or half on the road and half on the pavement, which impedes pedestrian access; others are parking right up to the junction in Orchard Close. Cllr Ashdown reported that he was waiting for someone to get back to him regarding the issues of flooding in Lound Road close to the new development but his contact had informed him that the parish council may need to contact the Environment Agency. He had also contacted the planning department regarding the pothole in The Street which has now been fixed. Mrs Barron said that she was still involved in highways issues especially relating to the B1074. Money has become available for new works and small projects in villages but not maintenance. Mrs Barron was going to investigate the possibility of acquiring some solar speed warning signs. Planning issues included Mr P Ball, 4 Barkis Meadow, construction of single storey front and side extensions, approved; Mr and Mrs D Pitcher, 69 The Street, two storey side and single storey rear and front extensions, this was considered to be over-development of the site and in close proximity of the boundary, there would also be loss of driveway and off road parking on an already busy junction. Mary Kent had written thanking the council for its letter of condolence. A letter had been received from a parishioner complaining about someone riding a motor bike in a circuit from The Loke across the fields at the back of Meadowlands and police will look into the matter. The annual parish meeting is to take place on May 11, at 7pm, and a parish council meeting will follow.

||Village hall management committee - At the meeting held on April 6 present were G Soanes (chairperson), S Lewis, I Mayes, T Townend, M Hanson, S Perks and J Nichols. Apologies J Bailey and J Brown. Complaints have been made about the efficiency of the present boiler, it was decided that a new boiler and extra radiators should be purchased and fitted during the summer. Mr Lewis and Mr Nichols agreed to contact suppliers to price for the job. In and out signs are now in place and Mrs Soanes thanked Mr Lewis for providing them. Complaints have been made by hirers of the hall about sand on the floor and paint on the tables. Mr Perks is dealing with paint in the storage containers regarding pricing and ordering the paint. The Scouts will buy the paint, paint their own container and provide the paint for the pre school so that they can arrange for their container to be painted. The caretaker reported that there was a toilet roll stuffed down and blocking toilet and eggs broken into the gents' urinals. This was discussed with the Scout leader who said that everywhere was left in a satisfactory condition at the end of their booking.