Parish Council - A meeting of the parish council was held on Monday, July 13 and attended by S Perks (vice-chairman), S Rees, G Wade, J Blowers, T Townend and G Soanes.

Parish Council - A meeting of the parish council was held on Monday, July 13 and attended by S Perks (vice-chairman), S Rees, G Wade, J Blowers, T Townend and G Soanes. District Councillor P Ashdown and seven parishioners also attended.

Parishioner input: A parishioner reported a case of fly-tipping close to Holly Gardens and Mr Perks reported that in Pound Lane approximately three lorry-loads were dumped. Mr Ashdown suggested that the council should contact Waveney Norse cleansing department in such cases. Since May, a resident of Orchard Lane has been experiencing a nuisance problem, mostly on Fridays between 10.30pm and 2am and fruit has been thrown at her windows on at least five occasions. Councillor Ashdown will inform PCSO Kershaw.

AOB: A complaint had been received concerning trailers parked outside the Piano Gallery and the clerk will contact PCSO Kershaw about this. A hedge on Lound Road is encroaching onto the carriageway and the clerk was asked to contact the owner of the property and request that it be trimmed back. The edge and surface on the sharp bend on Lound Road needs attention and Mr Ashdown will contact the relevant department. An incidence of vandalism had occurred at the skate park teen shelter, when a whole piece had been hack-sawed and broken off. The police were informed immediately and the park committee will inspect the equipment every week in case of further damage. Mr Blowers reported that the new goalposts had also been damaged, but he had managed to repair and reinstate them.

Police report: PCSO Kershaw had sent a written report listing reported crime during June. It was also reported that the Neighbourhood Watch is being re-launched in Lound Road.

District Councillor Ashdown reported that following the local government review, there has been a judicial enquiry in which the judge had ruled that the Boundary Commission was wrong in its decision to change the boundaries.

Speed Watch: Speed Watch will be presented at the northern parishes liaison meeting, with a view to sharing the cost and camera expenses on a group basis.

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Councillor Ashdown will attend a meeting on Monday regarding the school reorganisation, as the county council has said that it have no available funds.

He reported on recent new government legislation called Councillor for Action, which is designed to help parish councils obtain help more quickly when they are unable to obtain a response from other bodies despite repeated requests.

Mrs Townend asked the reason for a judicial review of boundary changes and was told that it was felt that local people had not had enough input. She also queried whether people with speed guns would be allowed to stand on the side of the B1074 if the police say it is not safe for them to do so. Mr Rees asked if there was any news on the new campus and was told by Mr Ashdown that there was no update.

County Councillors: Mr M Barnard and Mr C Law were late arriving as they had been attending Oulton Parish Council meeting, but stated that in future arrangements would be made so that one of them is able to attend Blundeston Parish Council meetings.

Skate park update: No report available.

Playground equipment: Mr Rees reported that the playground equipment had been approved by a group of excited 10 year olds and work will begin to get the equipment in place within two weeks, ready for use at the beginning of the school holidays.

Planning applications: Mr Kimble Reynolds, building two new cottages on the old fire station site at Church Road: application refused on several grounds. Mr and Mrs D Pitcher, single storey rear extension at 69 The Street: approved. Mr and Mrs M Tillet, single storey rear extension at 67 The Street: approved.

Correspondence: It was agreed to accept a quotation for a new post and rail fence to Lound Road footpath for �240.

Various publications, newsletters and reports, including notification of Broads Authority Planning Parish Forum (September 30) and Northern Parishes Liaison Group meeting (July 16), when Mrs Soanes will represent Blundeston and Flixton Parish Council.

The parish council asked the clerk to send their good wishes to the chairman for his forthcoming hospital stay and recuperation.

The next meeting will be on Monday, August 10 at 7.30pm, immediately following a meeting of the Village Hall Management Committee.

Local History Society - Twenty-one members visited Dunwich Museum. The curator spoke about the erosion which had destroyed land and buildings, reducing a past population of 8,000 to the present day 120. Mike Reeder gave the vote of thanks.

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