St Mary's Church - Services for Sunday are 11am joint service with the Methodist Church C of E communion. On November 1 the annual service for the departed is to be held at 3pm.

St Mary's Church - Services for Sunday are 11am joint service with the Methodist Church C of E communion. On November 1 the annual service for the departed is to be held at 3pm. This will be a songs of praise service, to have a loved ones name mentioned contact one of the churchwardens. Everyone welcome.

Village hall management committee - Held a meeting on October 12 with G Soanes, J Browne, S Perks, I Mayes, J Bailey, S Lewis, J Nichols and M Hansen present. Matters arising were all the containers have been painted since the last meeting. Exterior painting of the hall will be finished by volunteers as the community payback scheme working party have not painted the higher points at the eaves of the building because of health and safety issues. It was agreed that they had made a very good job of painting the rest of the exterior of the Hall. A letter had been received from the clerk giving her resignation due to family commitments. After general discussion Mrs Browne said that she thought that rather than split the job of parish clerk and village hall management committee clerk it would be better kept as a single post. It was decided that the matter of a new appointee would be further discussed at the parish council meeting later. Accident report book missing from first aid drawer. (Reported by Sunshine Club after recent incident). It was decided to purchase a proper first aid kit and accident report book, which can be placed in an appropriate position, possibly in the kitchen. The Sunshine Club also had difficulties getting through to the emergency services when one of their members fell and cut his head. He tripped over the mats loaned by pre school to prevent darts marking the new flooring. After telling the committee of the problems the Sunshine Club had in contacting the emergency services, Miss Bailey asked why there could not be a pubic telephone in the hall. It was pointed out that when the hall was modernised this possibility was discussed and the cost of installation was high, the security problems with a payphone would be difficult to cope with and it was felt that in this day and age, most groups hiring the hall had at least one mobile phone they could use. The possibility of the Sunshine Club having an old mobile phone which could only be used to contact the emergency services would be investigated. A yoga teacher who hires the hall occasionally, reported that the heating system was not working properly. The caretaker is getting in touch with the plumber regarding having the radiators balanced. The Sunshine Club reported that one Monday in June there were so many cars in the village hall car park there was very little space left for their members when it was time for their afternoon meeting, it was explained that the village hall management have no control over who parks in the village hall car park. The pre school asked if they could have a notice board in the entrance porch. This was agreed, they also asked if they could put a washing line at the rear of the village hall this was agreed. Radiator covers had not yet been replaced and they are going to purchase some removable covers. They also asked if they could have more storage space, it was pointed out that there was no more space available in the village hall itself. The caretaker has done extra work at the hall recently, he has repainted the bottom half of the walls and under the stage, it was decided to give him a bonus of �50 in appreciation of the work he has done.

||Parish council meeting - Was held on October 12, present were J Nichols chairman, G Soanes, K Wood, S Rees, R Leech, S Perks, J Blowers, J Browne and S Lewis. WDCP Ashdown, SCCC Law and six parishioners also attended. Mr Nichols thanked everyone for their good wishes as he went into hospital and during his recent period of convalescence and said that they really did help in his recovery. Mr Blowers thanked the clerk for coping with the chairman's absence during a time of illness in her own family.

Declarations of interest: Mr Lewis declared an interest in both planning matters.

15 minutes for parishioner input: Mr Ffitch asked if councillor Law had met with Mr Dimbleby, he confirmed that he had and that he had monitored and taken photographs of the traffic at the Church Road/Peto's Corner/ B1074 junction.

Other parish business: Mr Lewis informed those present that the village hall caretaker has repaired and treated all the seats on the Millennium Green, this had been mentioned at the village hall management meeting and he would be thanked and rewarded for his trouble. Mr. Lewis said he would examine the cage on the Millennium beacon and would repair and paint it. Mr Wood reported three minor accidents on B1074 in the past few weeks. Mrs Browne said the traffic congestion now that school has restarted is horrendous, and she wondered if during school time Church Road could be made one way. Councillor Law said that that would take a Road Traffic Act and it would take at least 18 months to get put into operation. The chairman said, if a one way system was put in operation full time, the rest of the village population would be up in arms. This was going to become a far more serious problem when the two new classrooms were built and in use. It was felt that the school would have to get the message across to parents that those who can walk, should not be driven to school. Mr Leech reported seeing a 'Smiley' with a speed indicator placed at Queensway last week.

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Police report: A written report had been received, there we no reported crimes for Flixton and four for Blundeston in September. One crime related to HMP, another related to Church Road and two related to Market Lane. PCSO Kershaw has monitored the parking issues at the play area and spoken to one driver who then moved his vehicle to the village hall car park. If there is any obstruction she advised that the owner of the vehicle should be found and asked to move it, failing that, the police should be called if the road is blocked. She thanked the person responsible for mending the gate to the football field which, was smashed during the incident reported last month. PCSO Kershaw had attended the northern parishes meeting and given an update on the community Speedwatch scheme. She had asked for volunteers and a co-ordinator, she stressed that volunteers must be over 18 years old and they do not have to be parish councillors. An email had been received from Mr G Tripp a resident of Flixton giving details of recent near misses and other traffic related problems on B1074 he also volunteered to be part of the Speedwatch scheme. Mr Wood also put his name forward. The police were aware of both these gentlemen being willing to be part of the official team and the clerk told councillors that posters had been distributed in the two villages asking for more volunteers to come forward.

District councillor report: Mr Ashdown reported that the Audit Commission have praised WDC for their work in the past year and given them a mark of two out of four which is acknowledged as a big improvement. Partnerships are being built up in certain departments of the council. On Wednesday evening this week a public meeting is being held at Kirkley High School. All district councillors will only stand for four years in future but this will not come into force until 2011. The Standards Committee for Waveney is going to visit each town and parish council to increase the knowledge of the code of conduct, to raise standards and the profile. The LTR (Local Government Review) has gone to appeal. Waveney Campus situation has not changed and is going ahead with funding on target.

County councillor report: Mr Perks asked councillor Law if he knew what is to become of the Lothingland School site when the school finally closes. Mr Law did not know but said that he would find out and report back at the next meeting. He confirmed that Lound Road has been patched in places and potholes repaired. He told those present that there will be temporary road closures for repairs to level crossings. Victoria Road on November 14 and 15. The safety engineers are considering the bank erosion along B1074 which was reported by Mr Wood last month.

Skate park update: It was reported that a grant for �13,500 has been obtained to cover stage two of the development and that a 10 percent third party funding would be required so that phase two can be progressed without any delays. It was agreed that a cheque to cover this should be approved and made out in order not to hold up proceedings

Playground equipment: Mr Rees said he had consulted the appropriate people regarding the safety base under the old play equipment and he had been told that topping up the sand under the swings and the roundabout would be the best solution. Mr Perks offered to top up the sand. A bolt had sheared off the carriage on the zip wire but this has been replaced by the installer, the only way this could probably have happened is if several youngsters had been hanging on and swinging from side to side which is not how the equipment is designed to be used.

Millennium Green update and village pond maintenance: The chairman had a meeting with a Suffolk Wildlife Trust representative at the wildflower meadow and he suggested that next year green hay should be put on our green from another wildflower meadow this would then spread the seeds into our meadow. The copses need thinning, as when the trees were originally planted in the depth of winter as 'twigs' it was not expected that they would all survive, but the success rate has been exceptional, some of the silver birches need removing and the hazels need coppicing. The chairman would get a working party organised. Village pond maintenance was discussed, it was decided that once the work party was on the Millennium Green some of the bushes on the green edge of the pond will be removed. Mr Perks also said he felt that the trees along the road edge of the Peto's corner pond should be removed so that the pond is visible from Church Road. Mr Wood offered to remove some of the trees, Mr. Perks would liaise with Mr Pawson who keeps the pond in a manageable condition on a voluntary basis, and decide which trees to remove.

Clerk's position: The chairman had received a letter from the clerk giving her resignation owing to family circumstances. It was decided that the position of clerk to the village hall management committee and clerk to the parish council should be kept as one as the two posts have traditionally gone together. Two other local parishes have just gone through the process of recruiting a new clerk and could be helpful in getting information on how to proceed. Advertising the post will begin as soon as possible. The chairman announced that he would be standing down from the chair at the next annual meeting due to his recent ill health.

Northern parishes liaison meeting: Mrs. Soanes attended the latest meeting and reported that most of the issues had already been discussed and that the new Speedwatch initiative was being set up. Frankie Sayer has announced her retirement from the clerk to the northern parishes liaison committee.

Planning: Mr and Mrs P Turner, 14, The Street, construction of two houses at rear of property. The previous proposal was turned down because the entrance and exit was felt to be far too narrow and close to the original building, this issue has been satisfactorily addressed and the proposal now has the entrance and exit coming through the new development on the old Walton Garage site. Mr Wood raised the matter of the drainage and sewerage being inadequate and he felt that further building should not be permitted because of this. A condition should be made that the old Walton Garage site should not be used as a builders site and it is at present considered to be an eyesore in the centre of the village. Mr Blowers proposed that the application be accepted with the above conditions, Mrs Browne seconded, passed by a vote of six for and one against. Appeal by Mr G Lewis, Valley House, Market Lane, town and country planning act 1990 section 78 for construction of one 1� storey house. It was felt that our previous comments, relating to the proposal being outside the village development envelope, would be sufficient and these would be forwarded to the inspector by the WDC planning department.

Correspondence: Suffolk constabulary chief Inspector Paul Sharp, new district commander, had sent a letter introducing himself. SALC invitation to general meeting on November 9 and various other information. Active wellbeing fit villages. EDF Energy certificate of unmetered supplies for telephone kiosks. Email from G Tripp in Flixton regarding speeding on B1074, this letter had also been reported under the police report earlier in the meeting. Village quiz November 2 in the village hall, three people were needed and John Nichols, Glenis Soanes, Simon Lewis agreed to form the parish council team. Letter from Plough Football Club stating that there has been no proper maintenance carried out on the football pitch, in the past 10 years. They feel that the pitch would benefit greatly by having professional work done and have contacted a ground maintenance company. Colin Law suggested that the parks manager for Waveney Norse be contacted for advice and he would send details to the chairman.

Local History Society - The first meeting of the new session was held in Lound Village Hall with Olwen Offord as vice-chairman. Good wishes for a speedy recovery were sent to chairman Mike Reeder. The accounts had been published in the newsletter and all members of the committee had agreed to stand for another year. Owing to his health Mike Reeder wishes to stand down as chairman and this will be discussed at the next committee meeting. Nominations were requested. The society will be represented at the village quiz by Ken Ward, Ken Bates and Ken Blacker. The speaker for the evening was Michael Mills on the History of Lowestoft Theatres. Starting from 1700 when the Reverend Bowness of Gunton, who was also a magistrate, opened a theatre in a barn on Market Plain. Several venues were used until the first custom built theatre opened in what is now known as Crown Street Hall but was then known as Theatre Street., Bills and programmes were on show and many famous names including General Tom Thumb, Ellen Terry, Stan Laurel ,Charlie Chaplin, Gracie Fields and Paul Robeson were amongst those who visited the town. A vote of thanks to the speaker was given by David Butcher. The next meeting is on November 11 at the village hall, when the speaker will be John Dray on Old Yarmouth.

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