Blundeston family survive death crash horror

A PUB landlady has told how rescuers went to aid of a Blundeston couple and their three-year-old son after a fatal crash in Lancashire.

A 43-year-old BMW driver, who was fatally injured, is said to have lost control of his car and collided with a silver Ford Mondeo estate driven by Kevin Cole, of Blundeston, near Lowestoft.

Mr Cole's son, Henry, and his fiancee Kathryn Pendlebury, were also in the car when the tragedy occurred on the Grane Road, near Haslingden, 19 miles north of Manchester.

The accident happened on a bend outside the Holden Arms.

Staff, who described the scene as 'absolute carnage', ran to help and managed to force their way into the wreckage of the BMW. Meanwhile, customers went to the Suffolk family's car.

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Karen Shawcross, 52, landlady of the Holden Arms, said: 'We had just finished in the kitchen and the two chefs went outside for a cigarette. We heard this almighty smash.

'The lads from the kitchen came running in and said ring the police and get the fire brigade

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'A couple of the customers went to the Mondeo, got the people out, and took them into the pub.

'The little lad was very, very shocked. One of the customers wrapped him in her arms and said everything was all right.

'His mum and dad were completely in shock. They just sat there and couldn't believe what had happened.'

Mr Cole, 50, sustained a fractured collarbone, while 44-year-old Miss Pendlebury needed treatment for a bleed on her kidneys.

Although Henry was said to be shocked by what happened, he did not appear to have been injured according to witnesses and police.

All three were taken to the Royal Blackburn Hospital following the tragedy, which happened at 10.30pm on Friday.

It is believed they were on holiday in the area.

Police have said the BMW driver, Aftal Azram, from Rochdale, died in hospital from his injuries.

John Rostron, 31, one of the Holden Arms chefs, said: 'The BMW went wide at the bend and there was a massive collision.'

Mr Rostron ran into the pub to ring 999 as his fellow chef Alex Robb, 33, went to help Mr Azram, who was trapped in his vehicle.

Mr Robb ran back to the kitchen to grab a knife. With smoke pouring from the car he prised the door open and cut away the driver's seatbelt.

Landlord of the Holden Arms, John Shawcross, 52, a former police officer, said: 'It was absolute carnage.

'I've come across a few horrific scenes like this in my time and we did all we could to help.'

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