Blundeston Parish Council

The meeting of the parish council was held on Monday, September 14. Present were: S Perks (vice chairman), J Blowers, G Soanes, R Leech, J Browne and T Townend.

The meeting of the parish council was held on Monday, September 14. Present were: S Perks (vice chairman), J Blowers, G Soanes, R Leech, J Browne and T Townend. SCC M Barnard and five parishioners also attended

Apologies were received from J Nichols, G Wade, S Rees, WDC P Ashdown, PCSO Kershaw, SCC C Law and S Lewis. Declarations of interest. No interests were declared

Mr Edwards asked if clearing the pond on the corner of Barkis Meadow could be arranged shortly. The vice chairman suggested this was considered with the two other village ponds later on the agenda.

Other parish business (parish councillors): Mr Blowers offered his congratulations and thanks to Mr Ffitch and Mr Edwards and the rest of the team who cleared the churchyard. He said that it looks superb. Mrs Soanes complained about the number of cars belonging to parents of children who are using the play-area and who park on the bend outside the park. In fact one had actually blocked the road and a lorry could not get past. It was decided that the parish council were powerless in this matter and that the police should be asked to monitor the situation. Mrs. Browne raised one or two points on behalf of the pre school regarding the maintenance of the village hall. Mr Perks agreed to deal with these matters.

Mr Perks had asked for the matter of the village ponds to be included in this months meeting. He feels that the pond on the Millennium Green is obscured by tree growth and needs clearing, he would also like to see Peto's Corner pond more open to view, the Barkis Meadow Pond is usually looked after by Mr Ffitch and Mr Edwards. It was decided to put the matter of the maintenance of all the ponds onto the agenda for October when the chairman, who was more familiar with the maintenance programme would be in attendance. Mr Pawson, who voluntarily looks after the Peto's Corner pond said that when Suffolk Wildlife granted the money to clear out the ponds in the village it was primarily to make the areas a wildlife haven and removing the trees on the perimeter of the pond could be detrimental to this purpose.

Police report: PCSO Kershaw reported that there had been four reported crimes in the month of September 1 crime related to HMP - one was a theft of a motor bike taken from a front driveway on Lowestoft Road, the bike was subsequently found burnt out at the Fruit Farm, the police have now requested that the fruit farm gates are kept locked to prevent other vehicles being dumped there. This crime has so far gone undetected. Youths riding bicycles have also been seen by the police on this private land. A burglary took place on Lound Road during daylight hours, a vehicle was stolen and dumped a short distance away, two youths were seen in the area and the investigation is ongoing. On the same day (August 14) the Garden Centre on Flixton Road was burgled and it is believed that the two crimes may be linked. In another incident a vehicle was driven with force through the locked gate onto the football pitch, this was reported at the time, but by the time the police arrived the culprits had gone. Somerleyton and Lound Parish Councils have declared their interest in the joint community speed watch scheme, and PCSO Kershaw would like a list of volunteers from Blundeston. She suggested an advert on the notice boards as the volunteers do not have to members of the parish council. She said that she had spoken to the traffic division regarding the motor bike speeding along the B1074 reported at last months meeting.

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District councillor report: Councillor Ashdown sent a report in which he said that he had driven along Flixton Road during the past week and could not see any fly tipping in any of the openings.

County councillors report Councillor Barnard reported that he and Councillor Law have each donated �750 to the village hall management committee from their SCC locality fund. This will cover the cost of the labour for replacing the boiler and fitting extra radiators. Councillor Law met Mr Dimbleby earlier in the day at Peto's Corner to discuss Mr Dimbleby's concerns over the speed of traffic at the Church Road/Flixton Road/B1074 junction.

Skate park update: Rest of funding has now been acquired from various sources to complete stage two and the equipment should be installed in October. Congratulations were given to Ms Dawson.

Old playground equipment report: Mr Rees was not available to give an update.

Planning: Badger Building East Anglia, approval of reserved matters, W18860/2 sub-division of garden to form two building plots on land at rear of The Mill, The Street. After a general discussion on even more cars exiting onto the already busy Street, this was approved.

Mary Morris, 51, The Street, Construction of two storey and single storey rear extensions. Approved.

Mr G Cooper, Old Police Station, Hall Lane, construction of a single storey side extension. Approved.

Correspondence: BDO Stoy Hayward LLP Issues arising from the Audit. It was decided that the parish council did not feel the necessity at present to have a fidelity guarantee clause in the annual insurance as recommended by the auditors.

WDC Reflect on Regen Brochure was received Mr Blowers took this to read.

Meetings: Suffolk Constabulary make your views count, meeting on October 12, at Kirkley High School; Broads Authority planning parish forum, September 30; Environment Agency newsletter for the Anglia region; SCC revised bus services; Suffolk Preservation Society; Suffolk View Magazine; Suffolk Acre, annual meeting and financial report; WDC information regarding parish or town council elections, May 6 2010; world of planning session, October 2; Waveney local development framework preferred options and draft proposals map, plus newsletters and feedback form; Broads Authority minutes of tree wardens meeting; invitation to apply for membership.

Next meeting will be held on Monday. October 12.