Bryan Gunn - a picture of passion

Standing on the sidelines cheering on the Canaries is where you would expect to find manager Bryan Gunn.

Standing on the sidelines cheering on the Canaries is where you would expect to find manager Bryan Gunn.

Now all of the emotions he displays when his team are on the pitch have been captured on canvas by his daughter with artwork she has produced for her high school exams

Melissa Gunn, 17, is set to follow in her mother Susan's footsteps after producing impressive artwork which has gone on show at an end of school year exhibition.

Melissa, who is currently taking A-levels at Wymondham High School, decided to use her father as the inspiration in her art project.

She said: 'We were given the theme of opulence of emotion, so I thought it would be interesting to use my dad and get him to pose with different faces, from sad to angry and joy to anguish.

'It was fun having getting him to do all the different poses.'

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Melissa's work went on show with that of other pupils at the school's annual end-of-year exhibition which was held at Norwich University College of the Arts.

She said: 'I think my dad was quite proud of the finished work. My mum was really encouraging as well. She gives me constructive criticism, which is good.'

Melissa's mum, Susan is herself a successful artist. She received international recognition when she was awarded the Sovereign European Painting Prize 2006. She has also produced a solo exhibition for Norwich Castle solo exhibition

She said: 'Melissa has worked well with the artwork, she is quite expressive in the way she uses paint and she has her won unique style.

'I think she will go on to do something creative, but I am not sure if she follow in my footsteps, she may go into another area such as graphics or textiles.

'It is great she gets excited about art and gets her teeth into the work she produces. We are very proud of her.'

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