Bouncing Back: Furniture and décor store set to bring back the smiles

tracey jane

Tracey Jane has been open in Lowestoft now for the past 7 to 8 years. - Credit: Tracey Jane

A Lowestoft trader at a furniture and décor store is looking to bring back the smiles on the high street, as many businesses across the town emerge from the effects of the pandemic.

Constantino Eleftherion, 59, is a trader at Tracey Jane in Lowestoft, a business backing The Journal and East Suffolk Council's Bouncing Back Campaign.

bouncing back

The Bouncing Back campaign logo. - Credit: Archant

Pocket guides to Lowestoft - showcasing maps, walks and information aplenty - have been produced by the council and are being distributed as part of the campaign, with further guides in the process of being handed out.

Mr Eleftherion said it has been an uphill battle for the store recovering from the effects of the pandemic but sees the high street having a good future.

tracey jane

Inside Tracey Jane on London Road North, Lowestoft. - Credit: Tracey Jane

He said: "Here on London Road North, we have a terrific marketplace which has a lot of opportunity.

"We specialise mainly in furniture and home décor and we always look to put a smile on people's faces when they enter the store."

The store relies largely on the seasonal tourist trade rather than local trade.

london road north

Inside Tracey Jane on London Road North, Lowestoft. - Credit: Tracey Jane

Mr Eleftherion said: "We are different and unique in Lowestoft in the sense that we offer different products you can't really find in another shop.

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"But the competition with big retail shops hits us hard as a small business, as does the retail park and general parking in the high street which just discourages people away.

"A percentage of people are just not coming out still because of Covid and Covid has certainly had an impact on the way in which people are choosing to shop now.

"What has helped though is social media and it is just a slow process of getting customers back in store."

tracey jane

The shop is designed to 'put a smile on someone's face.' - Credit: Tracey Jane

Mr Eleftherion first visited Lowestoft 30 years ago and described how the high street used to "buzz."

He added: "Whilst we may not be able to return to those days now, things can certainly be done to encourage people back in to the high street.

"If we have an appealing high street here, this would encourage an even greater customer base out and about shopping once again."