Brand new club venue set to open on Lowestoft's Claremont Pier


A new club venue will open on August 29. - Credit: Mick Howes

A brand new club venue is set to open its doors on Lowestoft's Claremont Pier and it comes as welcome news to people in the town who want a boogie.

The club, which is called The Venue, is set to open on August 29 in time for the bank holiday weekend and will permanently operate every Saturday night and will also feature DJ sets out on the terrace.

The Venue is set to replace what used to be called Aquarium which was a 900 person capacity music venue.

claremont pier

Michael and Victoria Manning, with their brother-in-law, Ben Llewellyn in the background. - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY

Ben Llewellyn, one of the directors at Claremont Pier, said: "We hope this will be a bit different and unique for Lowestoft.

"We've decided to create this space into a club because we feel the pressures of Covid are now at bay.

"We are aiming to get a steady crowd back out clubbing again through the autumn and winter so we can get the name back out there again."


The outdoor sign in construction for The Venue. - Credit: Jasper King

The Venue is set to open around 10pm/11pm every Saturday and offer an RnB, chilled house and dance vibe until around 2.30am in the morning.

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Mr Llewellyn said: "The plan is to have to DJ start at 6pm and then have a pub to club kind of vibe with people entering the club around 10/11pm.

"We have also played around with the idea of having rewind 90s Friday nights.

"However, this all depends on the demand we get for the Saturday nights."

dance floor

The full dance floor is currently under construction. - Credit: Jasper King

Mr Llewellyn confirmed that they are seeking guidance on whether people will be required to prove a negative Covid test result or proof of a double Covid vaccine.

"We are looking into Covid passports but nothing is completely confirmed yet," he said.

"Track and trace may be another thing that could be required."


People will be able to enjoy the club night sitting on the booths. - Credit: Jasper King

Whilst the former Aquarium music venue had a capacity of 900, Mr Llewellyn said plans are to have 300 to 350 people for the opening.

He said: "The wall we are installing will limit capacity to around 300 to 350 people at the moment.

"If there is more brilliant but if there is less we will just move the wall back so people get that sense of clubbing back.

"We just can't wait for the opening night now."


The bar area, which is set to open on August 29. - Credit: Jasper King