Pub landlord cautious but optimistic over new Omicron variant

stanford arms coronavirus

Dominic Burke (left) co-owner of the Stanford Arms standing with Joseph Marks who is the cellar manager. - Credit: Jasper King

A pub landlord has described feeling "slightly cautious" over the new Coronavirus variant Omicron.

Since Tuesday, face masks have been made mandatory in shops and on public transport due to the new variant.

But this excludes hospitality venues like the Stanford Arms in Lowestoft.

Co-owner of the pub, Dominic Burke said: "It's hard to tell the current impact it has had because Omicron is fairly new and the restrictions don't currently affect hospitality venues.

"We are feeling slightly cautious and concerned though.

"We haven't seen a drop in customers yet or staff being off ill, so we've just got to remain optimistic for the future.

"This virus is ever-changing so there is no point worrying too much about it at the moment when we still don't know a lot about the new variant.

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"Friends in other pubs say some customers have cancelled bookings over fears about the new variant.

"We haven't seen that yet but luckily we are a cosy winter pub with a good local customer base."