Married couple to take on milkshake cafe where they first met

shake and cake

(Left to right) Robert and Trisha McKenzie-Cook are passing the business onto Rebecca and Franky Baillie. - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Just over a year after meeting over a milkshake, a Lowestoft pair have signed the lease on the cafe where they first crossed paths. 

Rebecca and Franky Baillie, from Lowestoft, met in July 2020 at the Shake & Cake cafe in the town's Britten Centre.

Rebecca, 28, worked in the cafe where Franky, also 28, was a regular customer. 

It was love at first sight and the pair married just a fortnight later.

And upon hearing the scene of their meeting was looking for new owners, the pair snapped up the opportunity.

shake and cake love

It was love at first sight for the pair. - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

A friend of the couple, Trisha McKenzie-Cook, 32, has been running the café now for four years and originally opened it with her husband Robert McKenzie-Cook, 31, who also helps out.

But Mrs McKenzie-Cook has decided to move on and train to become a teacher. 

shake & cake

(Left-right) Robert and Trisha McKenzie- Cook are passing the business onto Rebecca and Franky Baillie. - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

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She said: "I'm so happy that Becks and Franky are taking over Shake & Cake and that the business will not be empty.

"Their story really is love at first sight and when they got married in July of this year instead of having Rihanna's 'We Found Love' song they had 'We Found Love in Shake & Cake.'

"When we first opened, me and my husband wanted to do something a bit different so we opened Shake & Cake together.

"But now is a great time for us both to move on.

"I can't wait to train and become a teacher and Rob will focus on his youth work.

"It has been a wonderful few years and I'm confident Becks and Franky will steer the business in the right direction."

shake & cake

(L-R) Rebecca and Franky Baillie with son George-Paul will be running Shake & Cake café in Lowestoft as a family. - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Rebecca said they expect to take over after Christmas.

"We are both so excited but a bit nervous about it all," Mrs Baillie said.

"I've always dreamt of owning my own business and it will be great to do it with Franky by my side.

"We applied for a start-up loan and thankfully this has been granted. 

"We can't wait to take the business forward now and we are hoping to increase the delivery options available to locals in the area."

shake and cake

Rebecca Baillie and partner Franky Baillie met at café Shake and Cake, which they will now own. - Credit: Ella Wilkinson