Salon owners say sinkhole is already costing them business

hair force sinkhole lowestoft

A big sinkhole has opened up outside Hair Force in Corton, Lowestoft. - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY/Joseph Lambert

The owners of a hair salon say a sinkhole which opened up near their business is already costing them money.

Heather Powsey and Denise Knell, are joint managers of Hair Force, a hair salon on The Street in Corton, Lowestoft.

They have already faced problems outside their business due to a water leak that has been gushing for the past three years.

The sinkhole suddenly appeared on Thursday (March 10) and since then the road has been closed as Anglian Water carry out repair works.

Anglian Water have since confirmed it is still on site trying to work out what has caused the sinkhole.

It has left Heather frustrated as lots of her customers use the bus and can no longer get to the hair salon because of the road closure.


The managers Heather (left) and Denise also had a gushing walking leak outside their business as well. - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY

She said: "The sinkhole, which only appeared yesterday, is already impacting business this morning.

"No one can get down the main street now and the road is completely blocked off.

"Some of our customers haven't been able to make their appointments this morning because they use the bus and the road is closed.

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"Everyone who hasn't realised the road is closed is turning around and finding alternative routes.

"I would imagine the road is going to be closed for at least a few weeks so it is going to be a nightmare.

"The sinkhole itself is very deep and a health hazard so hopefully no one falls down it or drives into it."

A spokesperson for Anglian Water said workers are still at the scene of the sinkhole this morning.


A sinkhole has opened up on The Street in Corton, near Lowestoft. - Credit: Joseph Lambert

They said: "Our teams are onsite at The Street, Corton investigating what caused the road to collapse which has led to damage of the sewer underneath. 

"Once investigations have taken place to assess the cause, the pipe will need to be repaired. 

"Until this work has been completed the road will remain closed for the safety of our teams and local residents.

“We have installed equipment to ensure customers can continue to use their facilities and we would like to thank everyone for their patience while we continue to work in the area.”