'Your Money Matters': Our promise to you over cost of living crisis

Energy bill

We're here to help you through the cost of living crisis. - Credit: PA

From record prices at the pumps to supermarket budgets not stretching as far as they did just months ago, people across Waveney are being asked to shell out more for less of almost everything.

On top of that, pay-packets will be pinched from now on, with increased National Insurance Contributions starting this month, while energy prices have soared to eye-watering highs thanks to the price cap hike.

Increased financial pressures are taking their toll on everyone across Waveney and beyond.

That's why this newspaper is today launching a campaign to try and help our readers through the growing cost of living crisis.

As part of our 'Your Money Matters' campaign, our reporters will commit to telling your stories, sharing both your struggles and successes.

We want to help find practical solutions to ease the burden and highlight ways people can support others in need - from the best places to get help, to everyday tips and tricks to get by.

We also want to help local businesses, which are so important to our incredible towns, by shining a spotlight on their own struggles, as well as the special offers and deals they're running to help their loyal customers through these tough times.

The Lowestoft Journal team reporter Jasper King; community editor Reece Hanson; and Mark Boggis

The Lowestoft Journal team, from left, reporter Jasper King; community editor Reece Hanson; and reporter Mark Boggis. - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2021

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Reece Hanson, community editor for the Lowestoft Journal and Beccles and Bungay Journal, said: "We have no intention of sitting back as our readers struggle every day, week or month to make ends meet.

"It's the number one issue for almost all of us, no matter our age, jobs or situation.

"It may feel like there's no end in sight, but that's where we come in.

"We want to show you, our readers, the great work so many local organisations are doing to provide essential help throughout this crisis, as well as sharing your own great money-saving tips.

"We need to help find solutions, wherever they may be, to ease the burden and help everyone get through this."

Over the coming weeks, we will run a series of articles focusing on various aspects of the cost of living crisis.

But we want to hear your own stories too. If you want to talk to a reporter about your situation, email reece.hanson@archant.co.uk.