Calls for one-way traffic trial after roadworks IMPROVE traffic flow

The roadworks on Station Square, Lowestoft. Picture: Conor Matchett

The roadworks on Station Square, Lowestoft. Picture: Conor Matchett - Credit: Archant

Drivers and commuters have called on Suffolk County Council to trial possible new traffic systems in Lowestoft after roadworks improved traffic flow.

Nigel Page, who heads a new community group lobbying for changes to Lowestoft's traffic problems, said the roadworks show a one-way system in the town across the Bascule Bridge could improve congestion in the long run.

Mr Page, 58, who also runs Harbour Cabs in Lowestoft, called on Suffolk County Council to trial potential ways of improving traffic flow.

He said: 'I've had feedback on the social media sites and the overwhelming thing is to trial something the same as a one way system of some sort.

'The flow is better from south to north around by the station and there is very little problem going north to south. The south is still a slight problem when there is a slight buildup.'

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He added: 'I am amazed really, I am gobsmacked. We are not used to moving in Lowestoft, you are used to waiting for 10 or 15 minutes!'

Repairs to a sewer have forced a southbound lane closure on Station Square.

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The idea of trailing a one-way system was echoed by people on social media.

Gill Philcox said: 'God yes, a million percent better. Rather go bit further round and keep moving, but who's going to listen to the people that use the roads.'

Jeff Hymas added: 'I think it's flowing better. I don't think people are avoiding it because if they were Oulton Broad would be rammed, St Olaves would be rammed. But it is not so personally I think it is much better.'

Others disagree, with one resident going so far as setting up a petition calling on private businesses to stop digging up the roads in Lowestoft.

While Station Square is owned by Suffolk Highways, the A47 is operated by Highways England, meaning any change would take time.

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said: 'Fundamental change to the system would have to be discussed by Suffolk County Council and Highways England together and Highways England would need to review and consider any change.

'With the Third Crossing coming, traffic in Lowestoft is likely to change.'

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