Can you help an author with his new book about potential UFO sightings in Lowestoft?

John Hanson and his wife Dawn pictured outside Downing Street with his Hanuted Skies book.

John Hanson and his wife Dawn pictured outside Downing Street with his Hanuted Skies book. - Credit: Archant

A retired police officer who has written a number of books based on potential UFO sightings is appealing for information to help with his latest book- which includes a number of tales from Lowestoft.

John Hanson has already co-written eleven volumes of 'Haunted Skies' which catalogues a wide range of reported UFO activity from the 1940's, when pilots reportedly saw strange objects while on the way back from bombing missions, right up to the early 1990's.

But for his latest edition of the non-profit making books, Lowestoft is under the spotlight as Mr Hanson is turning his attention to the town with the hope of finding some information about an unusual sighting.

'I am hoping that someone might have knowledge of a Mr Richard Haxell, 18 of Fleet Dyke Drive in Lowestoft who in 1971 who was out deep sea fishing on an unnamed trawler on December 12 when he and the crew saw an amazing object travelling towards Holland under the sea!

'I'm hoping to trace this man in order to learn further details and if anyone can help, the information will be included in a new book.'

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In a sighting account written for the East Anglian U.F.O and Paranormal Research Association, Mr Haxell claimed that the crew was 'packing up ready to go home for Christmas' when they noticed a 'massive light green object' just below the surface of the sea. He also claimed that it was at least 600 yards long and was last seen going 'towards Holland', at approximately 10.15am.

Mr Hanson said: 'At the end of the day this is our social history and it should be preserved. We don't make any money from the books but believe future historians will want to see our work. We hope someone can help.'

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A number of other reported sightings have also been made over Lowestoft in the last 50 years.

In July 1955, the Journal reported how Ruth Murray from Beccles was cycling through the town with her young son, Roy, when he pointed upwards into the sky and said: 'Look at the lovely star in the sky'.

Mrs Murray then looked for herself and saw 'a flat glistening silver object'.

There have also been other potential UFO sightings over the town including in October 1978 when a Lowestoft couple - Mr and Mrs Bassett - reported seeing a large silver object, displaying red, green, and orange lights, resembling a skate fish, without a tail, showing a dome, which had lead like stripes on it.

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