Can you help Corton family find their missing cat named Daisy?

Daisy the cat has gone missing in the Corton area.

Daisy the cat has gone missing in the Corton area. - Credit: Archant

A small cat named Daisy has gone missing from the Corton area.

Daisy was last seen on December 23.

Daisy was last seen on December 23. - Credit: Archant

Daisy is 17 months old and has been missing from the Gunton Drive area since December 23.

Owner Carol Pettit explained that Daisy usually returns home in the early afternoon, but failed to do so as normal last week.

The family have had the cat since she was only a few weeks old.

'Everyone in the family is upset especially as it was just before Christmas,' she said.

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'We have walked down to Dip Farm and along Corton Road and put leaflets and notices around.

'We also checked around Corton cliffs on Christmas Day but we don't think she went that far.'

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Residents are being urged to check their sheds and garages in case Daisy may be shut inside.

If you know where Daisy is, contact Carol on 01502 566134.

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