Can you help solve the mystery of unidentified items believed to be from Lowestoft?


When a parcel arrived at Keith Green's home in France, it sparked a mystery he hopes Journal readers can solve.


Mr Green, who lives near Lourdes in the south of France, had ordered some parts for his car.

Instead, a box containing two mysterious metal items arrived with no return address or indiction of who sent them.

The only clue as to their origin was that they had been lovingly wrapped in copies of the Lowestoft Journal.

And now Mr Green hopes readers of the Journal might recognise the items so they can finally be reunited with their rightful owners.

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'When the package arrived there was a little hand-written message inside and that was it,' he said. 'Nothing else, no note or address.'

'We kept it for a while, thinking maybe someone in the family would said they'd sent us something but nobody did.

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'They look quite old and one off and it seems a shame to throw them away so I contacted UK Parcel Force and Royal Mail international deliveries to try and track them.'

Eventually, Mr Green was able to get a name for someone who had previously signed for the box - Mr Calderwood.

Mr Green believes Mr Calderwood received an item in the box and then re-used it to send something overseas, but it seems the address details for the parcels were swapped somewhere along the line.

'I have no idea what they are,' said Mr Green. 'But everything points to someone in Lowestoft having posted them and I'm just trying to reunite them with the owner.

'Someone's spent a lot of time and energy in sending this parcel and it's a real shame it got lost.

'It's got to get back to the owner.'

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