Anger as drugs dumped near A12


Cannabis and other waste was found dumped on a layby just off the A12 near Lowestoft. - Credit: Submitted

Cannabis and other waste has been dumped on a layby off the A12 near Lowestoft and could pose a health risk to the public, a council spokeswoman said.

The waste was discovered on the Latimer Dam, just opposite Toad Row off the A12.

People are being warned not to touch the waste as it may contain spores that are harmful.

The farmer, who found the cannabis and wished to remain anonymous, says that this is just one incident in a long line where cannabis has been dumped in rural areas across east Suffolk.

They said: "This is just yet another dumped load of cannabis which has appeared in a rural location in east Suffolk.

"This is becoming a very regular occurrence now and there have been reports of cannabis being dumped in villages like Rushmere, Henstead and Gisleham.

"To be honest it is becoming completely relentless. I feel like as a society we have become accustomed to fly tipping now but I can't clear this up because it is a restricted product and on council owned land."

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Amongst the cannabis, tyres, bags of rubbish, foil and many other things were also found dumped.

"East Suffolk have been pretty good at responding and clearing up this waste, they usually clear it up within a week. It's just a worry that this is happening so often.

"Perhaps more CCTV cameras are needed and this could potentially deter more people."

A spokeswoman for East Suffolk Council confirmed people dumping cannabis is an issue in east Suffolk and wll be cleared once investigated by police.

"We have had some similar incidents in the past and we always advise people to stay away and not touch the waste, both to preserve any evidence and as the waste may contain spores which can be harmful.

"These spores also mean the waste needs to be removed using specialist equipment."

Inspector Nick Aitken of Suffolk Police said: “We work closely with our partners at East Suffolk Council in relation to fly tipping involving cannabis plants and growing equipment.

"Where opportunities arise to gather forensic evidence, we will pursue an investigation in order to find those responsible and bring them to justice.”

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