Couple separated by Covid reunited for 65th anniversary

ivor and pansy

Ivor and Pansy have been married for 65 years and are such a strong couple. - Credit: Wellbeing Care

A couple who had to live apart due to the pandemic are celebrating the best 65th anniversary present possible - being reunited.

Husband and wife Ivor and Pansy Warren have been reunited at their care home in Beccles after a three-month period where they both lived in separate homes.

The three months apart marks the longest period the couple have spent away from one another during their relationship, but they have finally been reunited together at St George's care home.

Now the pair are back together, both have been reflecting on their happy marriage and what it takes to stay together for such a long period.

ivor and pansy

Ivor and Pansy at their wedding in 1955. - Credit: Wellbeing Care

Mrs Warren, 87, said: “Make sure you tell each other you love each other every day and try not to argue.

"If you do, always make sure you resolve the argument before bedtime. Never go to sleep upset with one another."

And her husband, who is 98, remarked that some of the most simple things in a relationship help keep them strong.

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He said: “Accept your partner for who they are, respect them and be loyal. You must always be loyal.

"Be affectionate too, and remember that as long as you have each other, you have everything you need.”

ivor and pansy

Ivor was always too nervous to ask Pansy out on a date after the war but that soon all changed. - Credit: Wellbeing Care

The couple first met when Mr Warren returned from the Second World War. At first he did not have the courage to ask his future wife out on a date but after a first date in Laxfield, the couple tied the knot two years later in 1955.

They now have two daughters, called Davina and Sonia, four grandchildren, all of whom are in their 30s and 40s, six great-grandchildren and four great-great grandchildren.

Bonnie Howe, service manager at St George's care home, said: "Ivor and Pansy's relationship is wonderful and so heart-warming to witness.

"When you see them interact with each other, it's clear that they're still just as much in love today as they would have been on their wedding day - if not more so."

One of the couple's daughters Davina said: "It's always wonderful to watch mum and dad together and I love to hear the story of how they met and fell in love.

"Theirs is very much that old-fashioned love that is so rarely found these days. They have never argued."

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