Conservatives take all but two seats in local elections in Waveney

Voter placing a ballot paper in the ballot box at a polling station. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Nominations are now open for vacancies on Lowestoft Town and Oulton Broad Parish Councils. - Credit: PA

The national picture has been reflected in the local elections in Waveney with gains for the Conservatives.

East Suffolk Council's cabinet member for planning and coastal management David Ritchie.

East Suffolk Council's cabinet member for planning and coastal management David Ritchie. - Credit: Amy Smith

The party took four seats from Labour and three from UKIP on a very succesful day for the party in the district.

Meanwhile it was a day of disappointment for Labour who kept only one of their five seats from 2013 and UKIP who lost all three of their seats.

The Green Party clinched a seat in Beccles with Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw who took one of the two tory seats.

She said: 'In the last few weeks people have rallied around me and leafleted I've door knocked almost every door in Beccles and Worlingham and this is really a grass roots movement. For the first time in a long time I feel like I can represent the needs of young working families and the issues they really care about.'

Green party councillor Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw who has been voted the Suffolk County Council

Green party councillor Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw who has been voted the Suffolk County Council - Credit: Archant

Conservative Mark Bee who retained the other seat in the town said: 'I congratulate Elfrede on her effort, and I know she has worked very hard and it goes to show that good campaigning pays off.

'We have always had a good relationship in Beccles working together despite our political differences and I hope we can continue that positive relationship.'

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Labour lost two seats in Pakefield to Conservatives Craig Rivett and Melanie Vigo Di Gallidoro.

Sonia Barker, leader of the Labour group for Waveney District Council, lost her seat for the Pakefield division along with Labour's Peter Byatt.

She said: 'It has been a disappointing day for Labour in Waveney.

'All of the Labour councillors in the area have increased their Labour core vote but because the turnout was so low the Conservatives increased their votes and got in.

'It could be that people haven't turned out because they didn't think it was as important as the general election. But all the services that people rely on like education, adult social care and the fire service are run through Suffolk County Council.

'Our campaign was based on cuts or care you decide, and sadly they look as though they decided it was cuts rather than care. It's a national mood and I don't think it reflects on us as individuals.

'I'm really pleased that Keith retained his seat and I know that it was a very narrow gap.'

In Lowestoft South it was also a double Conservative gain from UKIP with the seats being taken by Jenny Ceresa and Jamie Starling.

It was almost a double Conservative gain in Gunton as well. Following a recount, Steve Ardley took the first seat and Mary Rudd missing out on the second seat by just six votes to Labour candidate Keith Patience.

Elsewhere Conservatives gained in Oulton from UKIP and Labour through James Reeder and Keith Robinson.

David Ritchie and Tony Goldson extended their advantage in Bungay and Halesworth respectively, with Michael Ladd keeping his seat on the Kessingland and Southwold ward.

Cllr Goldson said: 'I'm very pleased, but I think a lot of people didn't turn out and vote.

'But for those who did, whoever they voted for, at least they expressed an opinion and we must respect that. I have more respect for people who voted, immaterial of who they voted for, than for those who didn't. Apathy is the wrong way to go in politics.'

Full Results

Beccles - Mark Bee (C) 2,241, Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw (G) 2,189, Graham Catchpole (C) 2,031, Josi Horne (G) 1,446, Tarek Lahin (Lab) 541, Nasima Begum (Lab) 388, Pat Hawes (UKIP) 244, Mike Shaw (UKIP) 194, Caroline Way (Lib Dem) 105 and Simon Macdowell (Lib Dem) 96).

Turnout of 41.93pc and majority of 52 and 158.

Bungay - David Ritchie (C) 1,534, Sue Collins (Lab) 758, Pauline Midwinter (G) 280, Dave O'Neill (Lib Dems) 173 and Andrew Bols (UKIP) 144.

Turnout of 39.5pc and majority of 776

Halesworth - Tony Goldson (C) 1,545, Peter Coghill (Lab) 608, Alice Bull (G) 290, Sarah Hunt (Lib Dems) 249 and James Scott (UKIP) 196.

Turnout of 39.3pc and majority of 937

Gunton - Steve Ardley (C) 1,569, Keith Patience (Lab) 1,517, Mary Rudd (C) 1,511, Janet Craig (Labour) 1,471, Bernie Guymer (UKIP) 570, Jenny Hinton (UKIP) 503, Emma Jane Bateman (G) 297, Steven Taylor (Lib Dems) 258 and Rupert Butlin (G) 201.

Turnout of 27.5pc and majority of 52 and 6.

Kessingland and Southwold - Michael Ladd (C) 1,392, David Beaven (Lib Dems) 498, Paul Tyack (Lab) 497, Callum Rollo (G) 150 and Jean Difford (UKIP) 308.

Turnout of 38.3pc and majority of 894

Lowestoft South - Jenny Ceresa (C) 1,582, Jamie Starling (C) 1,445, Tess Gandy (Lab) 1,174, David Finnigan (Lab) 1,167, Peter Collecott (UKIP) 489, Steve Harvey (UKIP) 444, Desmond Baldry (I) 428, Bill Mountford (I) 409, Peter Lang (G) 203, Mark Morgan (G) 191, Sandra Valerie Tonge (Lib Dems) 179 and Darius McCarthy (Lib Dems) 160.

Turnout of 28pc and majority of 137 and 271.

Oulton - James Reeder (C) 2,274, Keith Robinson (C) 2,139, Len Jacklin (Lab) 1,394, Lynne Ward (Lab) 1,368, George Hawes (UKIP) 617, Bart Poole (UKIP) 515, Sally Phillips (G) 232, Peter Eyres (G) 225, Chris Thomas (Lib Dems) 201 and Patrick Gillard (Lib Dems) 145.

Turnout of 30.3pc and majority of 135 and 745.

Pakefield - Craig Rivett (C) 1,473, Melanie Di Gallidoro (C) 1,569, Sonia Barker (Lab) 1,333, Peter Byatt (Lab) 1,369, Rachel Fawkes (G) 182, Robin Hinton (UKIP) 384, Christian Newsome (Lib Dems) 190, Ben Quail (G) 162, Adam Robertson (Lib Dems) 215 and Phillip Trindall (UKIP) 367.

Turnout of 31pc and majority of 96 and 104.